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NALA Membership is a symbol of industry excellence.

Membership is awarded ONLY to lash artists that are able to demonstrate safe practice and professional competence.

All NALA Members have passed a thorough review and our bound to the NALA Professional Guidelines and Code of Ethics.

NALA Membership is evidence of professional knowledge and ability as a lash artist.


The NALA Member - Who is she?

She is a professional with integrity and a strong passion for the lash industry. She wants to be the BEST possible version of herself for her business and her clients.


Why did she join The NALA Membership?

To boost her confidence by passing the application process. To show her credibility to potential and existing clients. To gain access to exclusive business-building workshops and resources, as well as other great members-only perks.

She wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself. She hopes to contribute to the positive growth of the lash industry. She understands the value of participating in a group of like-minded professionals for collaboration, guidance and accountability.


NALA Members must meet all NALA standards and demonstrate safe and accurate application skills. ​

A formal certification is not required to apply for membership. The Membership Application process consists of a written exam, as well as video demonstration and photos of your work. The process is quick and simple. 

NALA Members are bound to NALA Professional Guidelines and NALA Code of Ethics. Please review these policies carefully before joining the membership.  Please review the Membership Participation Agreement before joining.


Aside from highlighting your credibility, NALA Membership has many perks: ​

Receive a "Welcome Package" once approved for Membership.

Your name and details about your business/services are listed on the NALA Directory.

Gain exclusive access to videos and workshops which help you with your business.

Receive industry updates and important news delivered directly to your email account.

Receive special pricing and/or VIP access to all NALA hosted events.

You'll be invited to join our private members-only forum.

Participate in members-only events throughout the year.


Membership fees are non-refundable and no-transferable. Members may cancel at any time.


Canadian Members.

$250 CAD + GST annual fee.


Australian Members.

$275 AUD annual fee.

USA & International

US and International Members.

$200 USD annual fee.

Coming Soon!

NALA Membership will be launching in the United Kingdom in 2019


There is no need to renew your Annual Membership. Payments are set up on a recurring basis, therefore your access will continue infinitely unless you cancel.​

Members may cancel at any time. No obligations. Please note that membership fees will not be refunded. Members will continue to have access to all membership perks for the remainder of their term. Please review the Membership Participation Agreement before joining.



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