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The National Association of Lash Artist

Annual Activities

  • Monitoring changes to legislation and government policies.

  • Surveying organizations about the current requirements with a request for any additional feedback.

  • Analyzing feedback from communities, organizations, and individuals.

  • Providing the most recent feedback to the NALA Board of Advisors for consideration.

  • Informing NALA Members of any upcoming amendments to the recommended guidelines.

  • Informing the owners of accredited academies of any upcoming amendments to our Accreditation Requirements.

The NALA recommended regulations are developed and released every year to ensure the validity and on-going relevance of NALA Standards.

Maintaining our standards is a continuous process, our board members meet annually to update the requirements for both membership and academy accreditation. 

Accreditation Development Process

Updating the NALA Academy Accreditation requirements is a continuous process. The requirements are influenced by:

  • Global research into safe practice

  • On-going consultation with the NALA Board of Advisors

  • Feedback from lash professionals and the general public

  • Feedback from lash students

  • Changes in legislation and government policies

  • Demands for greater accountability

  • Targeted surveys about the new processes and standards

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of any new processes introduced

  • Making corrections in any necessary areas

Continued Development of Industry Standards


An updated version of NALA Accreditation requirements is developed and released every year to ensure the validity and on-going relevance of the standards. Necessary amendments are communicated via email to the accredited academy owners. Academy owners are expected to fully implement the changes identified by the accompanying timeline. NALA provides as much notice as possible, though the implementation period for legislative changes can be much shorter.

The requirements for NALA Academy Accreditation are developed and reviewed in consultation with the NALA Board of Advisors.


Support for NALA Members and Accredited Academies

NALA creates online content and workshops for our members based on the research conducted throughout the year.

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