The Skin Games 2022 Lash Competition Updates

lash competitions Mar 17, 2021

So 2020 threw us all a few curveballs, amirite? Amidst all the lockdowns and travel restrictions, we still somehow managed to hold our annual event (thanks to a magical thing called the interwebs), and award our amazing and deserving 2020 Winners for a job well done!

Hold on to your hats, because we are at it again! We are elated to announce that the 2022 Skin Games Lash Competition is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN for registration, and boy, do we have some exciting changes in store! Interest piqued? Read on, my friend!

1) The 2022 Skin Games Lash Competition Season is being co-directed by Levi Shephard of the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA) and Emily Lee of BeautyPro Media. Let’s get acquainted with them!

Levi Shephard has dedicated her entire career to supporting lash artists and educators around the world. Levi is a key contributor to the advancement of the lash trade and will continue to hold a strong presence in the industry for decades to come.

Over the years Levi has gained experience in many aspects of business; successful lash artist, lash extensions educator, lash and brow studio owner, professional product developer, magazine columnist, founder of an accredited training academy, international stage presenter, author of business-building ebooks, creator of an international industry awards program, and founder of an international association. Her focus on industry standards, business integrity and global consistency inspired the launch of NALA in 2016.

Levi encourages all lash artists to maintain strict standards for themselves and their services. “Never leave any room for doubt. Consistency, integrity, and safe practice - every single day - no exceptions.”

To learn more about NALA resources, and how the association can help boost your career in the lash industry, visit the website

Follow NALA on Facebook and Instagram @lashassociation

Lord Emily Lee, AKA The Queen Bee, is an Award-winning Esthetician and Lash Professional in Vancouver, Canada. She has worn a lot of hats in the lash world, including being the Competition Director of the Royal Canadian Lash Championships, and the Supreme Overlord of Lash Wars, (North America’s first live lash competition), but you don’t need to know about that. The only thing you need to know is that Emily has a passion for lash education, and one her favourite avenues of learning is through lash competitions. As long as you show up open hearted and coachable, there is no way you can walk away from this event, the exact same level that you came in.

Emily hopes to reach as many lash artists as possible, to help the industry grow with a more consistent, higher standard. She believes in being honest, real, integrous, uplifting, ethical, fun, authentic, inspired, passionate, and most of all, she believes in being the change.

Connect with Her Lordship here:

2) This season, there will be FOUR Lash Categories:

    1. Classic 1-to-1 Lash Application
    2. Salon Volume 4D Lash Application
    3. Mega Volume 10D Lash Application
    4. Fantasy Lash Application

To find out more on what is required for each category, check out the Online Competition Guidelines.

We will be rolling out even more details in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on our social media for announcements!

3) Competing for the sake of winning is fine and dandy, but competing for the plethora of other perks is even better! We’ve got a whole lot of Player Perks for our 2022 Season! A full detailed list is in the Prizes & Swag section of the Skin Games Lash T&C, but here’s a quick overview:

    1. Certificates, Trophies, and Swag (oh my!)
    2. Marketing & Recognition - We hype our Players, Finalists, and Winners! Reposts, features, mentions, likes. (ALL the good things!)
    3. Cash prizes - who couldn’t use a few extra dollars right now?
    4. Networking - you’re joining our community of supportive, like-minded lashers.
    5. Growth - Feedback from our expert panel of judges so you can grow - priceless!

The Skin Games is a year-long journey, so the sooner you register, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of the Player Perks. Sign up HERE and we’ll see you on the inside!