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Increase Your Prices

Sep 15, 2019

In business, you can charge whatever you want. You can even be the MOST expensive lash artist in your community and be wildly successful. In fact, the higher-priced studios are typically busier than the bargain-priced ones. The key is to offer more value than you charge. So, if you want to charge top dollar you can! Just make sure you justify your prices with results, atmosphere, an excellent customer experience, product consistency, and as many perks and benefits as you can squeeze into a lash appointment. 

Begin preparing for the increase a few months before you plan to implement it.

Here is a simple bullet point list of the basic process for raising prices:

  • Ask clients for testimonials and publish them so you have social proof of the value you offer and the results you provide.
  • Will your price increase be substantial enough to affect your client list? Will you lose some people? If so, update your marketing strategy to attract a new, more ideal client.
  • Do the math and make...
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Create Policies For Your Lash Studio

Aug 11, 2019


Your policies provide the solid foundation that your business will stand on. To have a clear set of policies is beneficial to you, your staff, and your clients. Everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what to expect. Clear policies leave no room for undesirable clients taking up your valuable time.


Create policies that make sense to you. No one understands your business better than you do. Be sure your policies support the flow and function of your studio and services.


Creating The Policies.


To determine which policies you would like to have for your business, ask yourself these questions:


  1. What are some of my current frustrations with my existing clients?
  2. What general behaviours are unacceptable to me?
  3. What really matters to me during the flow of my work day?
  4. What behaviours cost me money?
  5. What behaviours affect my other clients?
  6. What is working well that I would like to enforce on ALL of my appointments?


Based on your answers you can...

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Exciting new program for lash extension trainers.

Aug 01, 2019


When NALA launched in 2016, one of our biggest priorities was to improve the standards of education being taught to new lash artists. It was apparent from our research and conversations with lash professionals that the levels of education being offered were sub-standard or severely lacking information. In 2017 NALA launched the NALA Educator's Certification Course. The course was a prep class designed to help aspiring educators to understand all that is involved in creating a manual and developing a fully comprehensive curriculum. This course has helped hundreds of lash artists around the world become successful lash trainers. The NALA Certified Educators are doing great things for our industry today. Not to mention the impact this has had on all the new lash artists joining our industry. Lash industry standards have definitely been improving at a rapid pace.



As our industry continues to grow, change, and improve, NALA consistently...

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NALA Turned 3!

Jul 03, 2019

WOW! NALA is three years old.


When NALA launched in July 2016 it was a fairly simple organization. Just a website really, where lash professionals could go to find vital information. We offered membership, which was available to anyone (no qualifications necessary)and we also offered accreditation for training courses, which involves an intense review process.


During the first year we (The NALA Board of Advisors and I) recognized that we wanted the membership to really mean something! So we created an application process. Today, membership is evidence of your integrity and professionalism. It shows that you are a credible lash artist. All qualifying members are listed on the NALA Global Directory and we promote them to the public.


With memberships running smoothly, our next focus was lash training courses. After listening to the lash community’s concerns about the poor education being offered to new lash artists, NALA created and launched the NALA...

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The Client Experience

Jun 07, 2019

Lashes are a luxury service. They’re frivolous and expensive. As a lash artist you need to be focused on creating an amazing experience for your clients. From the moment they discover you online to the moment they see their new set of lashes in the mirror you need to make them feel special and create an experience that is absolutely delightful.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and ask yourself if they are experiencing what you want them to feel.

  • Visit your website. Doe sit make you want to book an appointment>
  • Go through your social media profiles. Are they well branded? Do they offer value to your clients without being flooded with sales pitches?
  • Try to book an appointment with yourself, is it clear and easy?
  • Walk through the front door of your treatment space and look at it from their point of view, is it attractive and inviting?
  • Is it easy to pay after services?
  • Is it easy to rebook?

The client experience is ongoing. It never ends. Review your client...

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2019 NALA Awards Gala and Conference

May 10, 2019

This event was absolutely magical. Our conference began with a blessing from the local Cree dancers. After we were dazzled by native dancers in their full traditional outfits, we were all invited to make a large circle around the room and hold hands as a group. We dance around the room together to help establish ourselves as a community. It was very moving and it made us all feel very connected. What a wonderful way to begin our weekend together.


With over 100 attendees, the 2019 event was double the size of our inaugural affair. We had lash professionals join us from all over the world; Australia, Germany, Peru, USA, United Kingdom, Croatia, and more. 


The two-day conference hosted world-class educators who shared amazing lessons with us. We had hands-on tutoring, business advice, life advice, and we learned up-to-date information about important industry topics.


For lash industry personal who were unable to attend, we decided to offer something new this...

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Steps to Optimize Your Lash Business

Nov 22, 2018


Optimizing your Lash Business is beneficial for a many reasons:

  1. You will enjoy your work more if everything is running smoothly.
  2. You will feel like such a badass boss when you complete all of these steps!!
  3. Because you will have systems in place hiring and training staff will be SO much easier and more effective.
  4. You will be able to grow your business with much less trouble. Imagine growing a business small business into a large business without working out all the kinks first.
  5. You will free up valuable time.
  6. You will earn more money by increasing revenue AND improving your profit margins.
  7. You will create something that is sellable or duplicatable. SO if you ever need to sell or if you want to open more locations, you’re ACTUALLY in a position to consider these options.

 BUT . . . . before you can do anything to optimize your business the first thing you need to do is make sure that you know your numbers.

If I were to ask you what is your cost per client would...

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Responding to Negative Reviews

Oct 11, 2018

As Lash Artists, we strive to make everyone happy!! It's just who we are.

Professionals in a client based career tend to be people-pleasers. This makes it especially hard when someone gives us negative feedback or writes a bad review. It's like a punch in the gut.

Why is she so mean??

What is her problem??

The truth is, it's not personal. And it's impossible to please ALL of the people ALL of the time!

When you get that kick in the stomach it is important to react professionally, not emotionally. Well obviously you will have some level of emotional reaction - what I mean is - don't do anything until you've PROCESSED THE EMOTIONS and can respond professionally.

The thing about negatives reviews is that they can actually be A GOOD THING! Yes, you heard me (or read me) right!

Every review you receive online is an opportunity for you to market yourself and your business, whether they are good reviews or good not-so-good reviews. Even the nastiest comments can...

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What's the difference between certification and accreditation?

Jun 04, 2018


I get asked quite often about the difference between getting certified and becoming accredited. It can also be a bit confusing trying to understand the difference between the NALA Educator’s Comprehension Course (Step One of NALA School for Lash Trainers) and The NALA Seal of Accreditation. I hope this blog will clear things up a little. It may also just raise more questions, which is totally fine! Simply ask your questions in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them! The information varies slightly for artists and educators so I categorized my explanations accordingly.



 What is a certificate?

A certificate (provided to you by your educator) is evidence that you completed your training. Certification courses aren't typically governed by the federal, state or provincial school boards and they aren't usually valid for educational credits or student loans, although some regions do recognize lash extension...

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The Royal Canadian Lash Championships

Mar 04, 2018

The Royal Canadian Lash Championships, recently held in Vancouver, British Columbia, was a wonderful contribution to the Canadian Lash Industry. I had the honour of judging for the RCLC and it was an amazing experience. I was blown-away by the professionalism of the organizers and integrity of the panel. This debut event opened with the first live Canadian competition for Lash Lift and Tint. They also had Classic Lash category, Salon Style 3-4D Volume category and the Competition Style 6-10D Volume category.

I was impressed that competitors were EDUCATED about the difference between “Salon Style 3-4D Volume” and “Competition Style 6-10D Volume”. The organizers made sure everyone involved understood that 6-10D Volume should not be filled. It is for show only and should never be offered to clients as a fillable service. What impressed me even MORE was the way the RCLC put extra emphasis on the health and safety aspect of lashing. To call yourself “The...

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