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Exciting new program for lash extension trainers.

Aug 01, 2019


When NALA launched in 2016, one of our biggest priorities was to improve the standards of education being taught to new lash artists. It was apparent from our research and conversations with lash professionals that the levels of education being offered were sub-standard or severely lacking information. In 2017 NALA launched the NALA Educator's Certification Course. The course was a prep class designed to help aspiring educators to understand all that is involved in creating a manual and developing a fully comprehensive curriculum. This course has helped hundreds of lash artists around the world become successful lash trainers. The NALA Certified Educators are doing great things for our industry today. Not to mention the impact this has had on all the new lash artists joining our industry. Lash industry standards have definitely been improving at a rapid pace.



As our industry continues to grow, change, and improve, NALA consistently...

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