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How Do I Become A Lash Artist?

Some areas have regulations in place which state that you must have an esthetics diploma or be a licensed cosmetologist or similar. Find out the laws in your area before enrolling in a lash training course.

​Once you have determined that you qualify to earn your certification, do your research to find a reputable program. Tuition for a quality course can be a big investment. You need to know the course you choose will properly prepare you for a career in the lash industry. Don't let price or location be your deciding factors. Your education is the most important part of your exciting new career as a lash artist. Take your time, shop around and compare schools.

How Do I Find Information About My Local Regulations?

Start by visiting your federal governments website. Search for topics such as personal services regulations, control practices for personal services, infection prevention for personal services, legislature for personal service businesses, etc. If your country is divided into provinces, states or counties, search your local state website for regulations as well. Some good search keywords include "personal services", "esthetics", "legislature", "health services", "regulations" and other similar terms.

​Although many governments may not have a list of regulations specific to eyelash extensions, our services fall under the same category as other esthetic services such as waxing, facials, lash tinting, and more. Review the requirements for those services and accommodate those regulations in your business.

Where Can I find The "Optimize Your Lash Business" Course?

This online course is available free to NALA Members. Once logged in, simply access your library by clicking on the avatar in the top right hand corner.

Not a NALA Member? You can purchase the course HERE.

What Do I Need To Become A NALA Member?

NALA Members must meet all NALA standards and demonstrate safe and accurate application skills.

​The Membership Application process consists of a written exam, as well as a video demonstration and photos of your work. A formal certification is not required to apply for membership.

​Members are bound to NALA's strict Professional Guidelines and NALA Code of Ethics. Please review these policies carefully before joining the membership. Failure to comply to NALA Professional Guidelines and NALA Code of Ethics will result in dismissal from the membership.

What Are The Benefits of Joining The NALA Membership?

Membership proudly makes a statement about your dedication to your professional integrity & practice.

Aside from highlighting your professional credibility, NALA Membership has many perks.

Members gain exclusive access to videos and workshops which help grow your business.

​Your name and details about your business/services are listed on the NALA Global Directory.

​Members receive industry updates and important news delivered directly to their email account.

​Members are entitled to discounts and/or VIP access to all NALA hosted events.

Members are invited to join our private members-only forum.

​Members participate in members-only events throughout the year.

Can I Change My Membership Option?

To upgrade to the lifetime membership, simply cancel your account and sign up under a new subscription option. Membership fees are nonrefundable, so it is best to make the change at the end of your existing term.

What Is The Process For Accrediting My Training Program?

As the academy director/owner you will be asked to fill out an application, which asks questions about the program and your educators. You then submit copies of your training materials, along with access to any online resources included with the course.

​Your training manual will endure an intensive investigation to determine whether or not the program is worthy of accreditation. Once the review process is complete, you will receive a full report of the agencies findings.

​If your course is approved, you will receive a formal NALA Certificate of Accreditation, as well as a pdf file of the NALA Seal Of Accreditation.

In the event that your application is denied, you are granted three months to make the necessary changes or updates, as per your report, and resubmit for consideration.

Do I Need To Renew My Accreditation?

Yes. Our industry is continuously growing and evolving. Things are always changing!

​As a registered school with the NALA Accreditation Agency, you will receive regular updates about industry regulations and guidelines.  Accreditation must be renewed annually and training material must reflect all up-to-date requirements.

How Much Is The Accreditation Application Fee?

Accreditation application fee is $950 CAD.

Annual renewal fee is $150 CAD.

Canadian applicants must pay applicable provincial taxes.

Applicants outside of Canada do not pay taxes on application or renewal fees. 

Application fee is for one course only.

Fee for additional courses, if submitted at the same time as original application, is $150 each.

Applications submitted in any language other than English will pay a translation fee of $350 CAD.

Fees are non-refundable. 

If for any reason your application is denied, you will have 3 months to make changes and re-apply.

(This includes only one re-apply)

Prices are subject to change.

What If My Accreditation Application Is Denied?

Approval is not guaranteed. The NALA Seal of Accreditation is not simply purchased by paying a fee. Should your application be denied, you are granted three months to make the necessary changes and additions and you may reapply at no additional cost.

What Is The Difference Between Accreditation and The Educator's Certification?

The NALA Educator's Certification prepares YOU for developing your own program and guides you through the process. The NALA Seal of Accreditation validates your CURRICULUM.

 Educators are not accredited, courses are.

What Are The Benefits Of Earning The Educator's Certification?

Your students success is crucial to your success as an educator. Once you have completed this course you will be confident in your ability to help ALL your students achieve success. With an understanding of the different types of learning and how to accommodate them, you will be able to reach every student in a unique way.

 The course will ensure that you are teaching up-to-date standards and information.

​You will have a complete understanding of what to include in your lash extensions courses.

​You will receive a "Table of Contents" to follow as you write your training manual.

​As a NALA Certified Educator you will receive updates about industry protocols and regulations to keep your teachings current.

​You will receive a certificate to display in your classroom.

​The NALA Educators Certification is recognized by insurance providers around the world, which means you will be eligible for insurance as a lash educator and may qualify for reduced insurance premiums.

When And Where Is The NALA Awards Gala?

The 2019 NALA Awards Gala and Conference will be held May 5 and 6 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

This will be an unbeatable event with top educators, world renowned speakers, and a one-of-a-kind Gala!

​Visit www.nalagala.com to learn more about the event, buy tickets and/or nominate a colleague for an Industry Award

How Do I Nominate Someone For A NALA Award?

If you know of someone in the lash industry that deserves to be awarded for his/her exceptional skills, contribution to the industry, mentorship, product development or overall awesomeness, let us know!

 Submit their name by filling out the Nomination Form on the gala website at www.nalagala.com 

There will be a small fee for each nomination submitted.

How Do I Become A Presenter For The NALA Awards Gala and Conference?

For the 2019 Conference we are looking for speakers to offer hands-on training, share important and helpful insights for lash artists and educators or talk about business growth. If you are interested in being a speaker onstage at the show, please get in touch and let us know which topic you wish to speak on and tell us a little about your background.

​We will have our lineup of speakers confirmed by November 30, 2018

How Can I Sign Up As A Show Sponsor?

Our sponsors are a very important part of the gala and conference. To participate and take advantage of all the sponsors perks, please contact Levi to request a sponsorship package brochure.

[email protected]

How Do I Become A Lash Trainer?

The first step is to earn your certification as an educator.

​If you are interested in an independent career as a lash trainer, you can earn your Educators Certification through NALA, which is globally recognized and will prepare you to teach and certify students under your own name or business name.

Visit the NALA Educators Page to learn more.

What Will I Need To Get Insurance As An Instructor?

Your insurance provider will likely require that your are certified as an educator. A certification as a lash artist does not qualify you to teach. They will be looking for some form of confirmation that you are unlikely to become subject to legal action. 

Visit the NALA Educators Page to learn more.

What Do I Need To Qualify For Insurance As A Lash Artist?

Your insurance provider will request a certificate or diploma as evidence that you are qualified to offer the service you are offering. They will be looking for some form of confirmation that you are unlikely to cause harm to a person or become subject to legal action. The more evidence you can provide that shows you are a low risk, the lower your premiums will be.

How Do I Know When It Is Time To Expand?

The decision to expand is one that requires patience and research. 

​Some lash artists choose to grow once they are consistently fully booked three weeks in advance.

​Some choose to grow when they realize they are missing out on the opportunity to grow their client list due to lack of time. This is when a lash artist might consider taking on an employee.

​Sometimes a lash artist decides she has outgrown her space and it is time to move to a larger studio and hire more staff.

​There are important factors to consider before deciding if it is right for you. Such as;

What will your new overhead costs be in a new larger space?

How much will it cost you to have employees? (There is more to it than just their wage or commissions)

NALA wants to help you with all of your business goals!

You can find helpful information and workshops to guide you to success in the NALA Membership. Visit the NALA Membership Page to learn more.


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