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Download the PDF document outlining educational the requirements that must be met by all academies offering licensing or certification (depending om each province and state) for lash professionals.

NALA Seal of Accreditation

The NALA Seal of Accreditation is the 'Michelin Star' of the lash industry.

Recognized as the highest possible accolade a lash academy can earn, our Seal of Accreditation is a symbol of educational excellence and professional credibility.

Receive Annual Industry Updates

As a NALA Accredited Academy you will receive annual updates to help keep your manuals current. 

We do all the research for you so you can focus on helping your students!

Support from YOUR global lash community

You're not in this alone! The NALA team are here to guide and support you through your career as an educator.

We also have exclusive forums where all of our School for Lash Trainer participants share advice and connect with one another creating the #1 lash community in the world.

NALA Global Directory Listing

Once your academy has earned accreditation status NALA promotes your courses to the public.

The NALA Global Directory has been growing over the past few years and is quickly becoming recognized as THE trusted source for finding quality education for lash extensions training and certification.

Access to Important and Helpful Information

Between the private forums, your online modules and the NALA newsletter you have access to an abundance of information that will guide you through all the elements of your career as a lash educator and academy owner. Discover answers to legal questions, business concerns and more with unlimited access to our educator's resources.

Curriculum Requirements

  •  Courses must meet the curriculum criteria that was provided with the checklist in step one.

  •   Manuals must meet professional education standards regarding spelling, grammar, and information organization and be able to follow and understand the content with ease.

  •   Training manuals must contain detailed, up-to-date information.


Class Requirements

  • All classes must have 1 qualified educator for each 5 students (class ratio 1:5).

  •   Total amount of in-class instruction must be a minimum of 2 days and offer a timeline that allows students to have quality time with the instructor.

  •   Academy is required to offer a minimum of 12 hours of hands-on, supervised practice on a variety of live models (more than 12 hours if you are teaching combo classes with multiple techniques).

  •  Graduates must have access to continued support and mentorship after earning their certificate.​

  •   Access to a classroom that meets NALA requirements.

  •   All students must successfully pass an exam (written, oral or observed) before receiving a certificate. If they do not qualify for certification, systems must be in place to help them achieve certification in the near future.

  •   The academy must provide student kits containing all the tools and products the student will need to get started.

Educator  Requirements

  • ​Be a qualified educator with a minimum of one year experience as a licensed lash artist. (if required in your area)

  • Have qualified educators for all of your classes.​

  • Academy must carry adequate insurance as an educational facility. (not as a service provider)

  • A valid business license for each city you plan to teach in.

  • And the academy owner must formally agree to the terms of participation.


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