Lash Business Success Strategies

As our community attempts to rebuild after repeated shutdowns around the world, NALA created a free Facebook group to focus on rebuilding (or reopening), growing, networking and thriving once again! Whether you need to ask for help or you have great advice to contribute for others, let’s work together to get our beloved trade flourishing again.
We are collaborators, not competitors and now more than ever we need to lift each other up and support one another’s success like a true lash sisterhood!

Lash Business Success Strategies


☑️ Free to join. Everyone is welcome!

☑️ Weekly business-building content.

☑️ Invite your Lash Sistas (and brothers).

☑️ Contribute advice and share stories to help others.

☑️ Challenges and give-aways.

☑️ Be part of a community of collaborators,.





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