NALA Accreditation is the 'Michelin Star' of the lash industry.


Many companies have worked very hard to earn NALA Accreditation and they are dedicated to maintaining their elite status. 

Not every company claiming to be affiliated with NALA has successfully completed our vetting process. 

Below is a list of companies who are not accredited by NALA and are not authorized to use the NALA name or logos.

To find the list of Professional Lash Artists and Lash Academies who are currently recognized and accredited by NALA, visit the NALA Global Directory at 

The following companies are NOT authorized to use the NALA name or logos:

Not Accredited:


Sweet Boutique. Texas, USA. Owner Cynthia Conejo. **Unauthorized email account: [email protected]

Eye Envy Lashes. British Columbia, Canada. Owner Stephanie Rougeau


To go a little further . . .

I'd also like to clear up some confusion about the title 'NALA Certified Educator' that is sometimes seen on a company's website or social media.

There are no 'NALA Instructors' or 'NALA Educators'. These titles are invalid.

NALA offers an Educator's Comprehension Course (Step One of School for Lash Trainers) for aspiring educators. Those educators, once they complete the intensive course, are now recognized as ‘Certified Educators’ and they qualify for educator’s insurance. It shows a lot of professional integrity when an educator chooses to invest in this course. As certified educators they are well-prepared to teach and are granted access to valuable information and resources, but, at this stage, the association has not reviewed their curriculums yet and therefore is unable to vouch for the credibility of their courses.

Completing the Educator's Comprehension Course does not provide them with accreditation, they do not teach a NALA course and they do not own the right to certify students with a NALA certificate.

To earn 'NALA Accreditation’ is a different accolade. Accreditation is evidence that the association has thoroughly reviewed a school's lash curriculums and acknowledges that they meet or exceed the international standards set forth by NALA.

Any lash artist or lash academy who has earned accreditation, and maintains their accreditation status with vital annual updates, is listed on the NALA Global Directory.



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