National Association of Lash Artists

NALA offers support to lash artists and educators around the world. We do this through professional membership, educators certification and academy accreditation.

Discover what our NALA Members, Certified Educators and Accredited Academy Owners have to say about our products and services . . .



NALA Members are an elite group of lash artists who value professionalism and integrity.

Our members have been selected based on their skill, quality, and safe practices. Together, we are changing the industry, one perfectly applied lash extension at a time.

NALA offers support, resources, workshops, business challenges and more to our members. 

Check out what some of our members have to say about the process and the benefits of NALA Membership.



The NALA Educator's Comprehension Course (NALA ECC) is Step One of the NALA School for Lash Trainers program.  

The NALA ECC will guide you through the entire process of creating your own world-class curriculum, writing your manual(s), finding students, planning your class itinerary, earning international accreditation, launching your academy, and so much more.


Check out what some of our NALA ECC graduates have to say about the course and the resources we offer.



The NALA Seal of Accreditation is the "Michelin Star" of the lash industry.

NALA Accreditation is earned as part of a three-step program (NALA School for Lash Trainers) designed to help lash educators achieve their highest possible level of success while also having a positive impact on the education of all future lash artists. The sustainability of our trade depends on quality education within the industry.

Check out what some of our accredited academy owners have to say about the NALA Academy Accreditation.


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