NALA Logo(s) and TM



No one is permitted to use the NALA company logo. This logo is OUR trademarked logo and only NALA can use it.


No one is permitted to use the NALA Educator's Badge (logo). Although this was initially granted to all participants who completed the NALA ECC (now called NALA School for Lash Trainers Step One) this logo was revoked in 2018. 

Anyone wishing to attach the NALA name to their courses must first have them reviewed by the association and earn academy accreditation (Steps Two and Three of NALA SFLT).

No one is permitted to use the title "NALA Certified Educator" (or similar) or to use this badge/logo:


Only academies that have earned NALA Academy Accreditation, and hold active status (have successfully renewed each year), may use the NALA Seal of Accreditation. All officially accredited academies are listed on the NALA Global Directory 

Misuse of NALA property will result in legal action. If you believe someone is misusing the NALA name or logo please notify us via email at [email protected]. All reports are kept confidential.