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Post COVID-19

Updated: May 12, 2020 at 4:00 pm MDT 


This guide has been developed by The NALA Board of Advisors and is intended for suggestion purposes only. It is the responsibility of the professional to ensure the safety of his/her clients and to always execute safe practices and hygienic procedures. NALA board members, NALA employees, NALA volunteers, and the NALA President accept no responsibility or liability for any outcome related to these suggested practices and processes. Please check with your local governing body for any new protocol being enforced during our return to work after COVID 19 shut downs.


Recommended temporary measures and additional protocol:


Continue to Follow All Existing NALA Standards, including:

Be sure all waiver forms are current (signed within the past 12 months, if not have them sign one again)

Change all linens between every client

Wear a mask (be sure your lash fits you properly and covers your mouth and nose at all times)

Consider using a hair net for clients, and employee must have hair tied back an out of the way

Operate using the “disinfected zone” 

Wear gloves

Sanitize gloves immediately after touching anything outside your “disinfected zone”

Disinfection steps as per NALA Decontamination Guide between EVERY client.

Post the step by step disinfection process where all employees can see it.


New additional precautions:

Complete a thorough deep cleaning of the entire studio before returning to work.

Contact clients the day before their appointment to confirm they have no symptoms.

Clients and staff complete & sign questionnaire (symptoms, travel, exposure to someone with symptoms) and must stay home if exhibiting any symptoms of illness.

Clients and staff must wash hands upon arrival and use hand sanitizer.

Provide masks for clients. This should be applied immediately after washing and sanitizing their hands and kept on until they vacate the premises.

Provide boot covers (for shoes or sock feet) for client to wear upon entry.

Any person (client, contractor, or staff member) with cold symptoms must stay away for a minimum of 10 days.

All persons who have traveled outside the country must stay away for a minimum of 14 days.

Stagger your appointments to ensure only one client is coming and/or going at any given time.

Book extra time in between clients to FULLY disinfect ALL surfaces, tools, and equipment.

Position your treatment table a minimum of 2m (6.5’) apart from one another.

Offer contactless payment processing only.

Accept clients by appointment only - no walk ins.

Clients to wait outside in their vehicle until you text them when it's safe to come in your salon (to reduce clients crossing paths).

Remove all magazines, brochures, decorations, anything non-essential, etc from waiting area.

No clients waiting in waiting area.

No extra guests accompanying clients to appointments.

Keep a log of clients (name, time in/out, contact info) in case of outbreak.

You may choose to take each client’s temperature at the door.

Sneeze guard plexiglass at reception area to protect receptionist.

Remove all water/coffee/refreshment dispensers and only offer sealed bottles/packages.

You may choose to wear a plastic shield in addition to a mask.

Disposable or reusable aprons or smocks for employees laundered/changed between each and every client.



According to cdc.gov:

Cloth face coverings are not PPE

Face masks (a.k.a. surgical masks or procedure masks) are PPE

N95 masks with an exhaust valve might not provide source control (likely because your breathe is escaping through the valves therefore not protecting others from you).


These recommendations will be updated as we receive new information and requirements from state and provincial governments.


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