TSG Lash Competition Roadmap

Welcome to The Skin Games Lash Competition and CONGRATULATIONS on challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone! By committing to stretch yourself, you are committing to growth. Growth in your professional/personal development, growth in your technical skills, and growth in your network. When you surround yourself with like-hearted, growth mindset colleagues, you can change the entire trajectory of your career. Now suit up, because here is the 2021 Competition Season’s Roadmap to the Championships:



  1. Decide you are going to go for it! Make the decision right here, right now. Yes? Good!
  2. Read through The Skin Games Lash Competition 2021 Participation Terms & Conditions to make sure you are eligible to participate.
  3. Read through all the category descriptions in the Online Competition Guidelines. Are you going to pick and choose a couple of categories, or are you going to go for the proverbial GOLD - Lash Artist of the Year (by participating in all four categories)?
  4. Pay your registration. No, don’t sleep on it, take action! You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Feel butterflies thinking about it? GOOD! If you don’t feel nervous, excited and a little nauseous when thinking about your goals, then your goals aren’t big enough. Register HERE
  5. Read through ALL the rules and guidelines. You’ll see this step repeated several times along the journey. Read and know them like your Championship Title depends on it - because it does.
  6. Plan and conceptualize your entries. Visualize every aspect.


Pre-Game (leading up to game day): 

  1. Read through ALL the rules and guidelines. Read them again. Recite them like you are auditioning for a musical. 
  2. Carefully choose your model.
  3. Fill out and submit all forms and waivers.
  4. Gather all necessary materials to complete your submissions.
  5. Train, train, train!


Game Day:

  1. Take BEFORE photos see Submission Guidelines (will be sent via email to registered players).
  2. Perform your full set of eyelash extensions, following the guidelines of the category you are participating in.
  3. Film your ISOLATION video see Submission Guidelines (will be sent via email to registered players).
  4. Take AFTER photos see Submission Guidelines (will be sent via email to registered players). The only alteration permitted for photos is cropping, and for the isolation video is cutting off the beginning and/or ending, so the video starts when you are showing your isolation (no talking, music, etc.)
  5. Choose your submission elements, rename the files as instructed in the Submission Guidelines (will be sent via email to registered players).
  6. Upload your submission files to your Shared Google Folder. See Submission Guidelines (will be sent via email to registered players). Be sure to back up a copy for yourself just in case.
  7. Before the submission deadline, be sure to double and triple check that ALL your elements are COMPLETE using the Submission Checklist (will be sent via email to registered players). You will lose access to make ANY changes in the folder at 12:00am PST on January 16, 2022. Incomplete submissions will still be assessed, but are ineligible to win.


Intermission/After Party:

  1. Now you wait. You’ve done your best and it’s out of your hands now. 
  2. Visit the restroom, grab some popcorn and a hot dog, pray, meditate, visualize, relax, do what you do. 
  3. DON’T post anything about your entry to social media (photos, video, model, Player ID, etc) that could identify you to the judges. Just. Don’t. 
  4. Follow @TheSkinGames, @LashAssociation and @BeautyProMedia for news and Finalist announcements on February 10, 2022.
  5. If you are NOT a Finalist, congratulate those who are, plan to come cheer them on and network with everyone at the Awards Ceremony, as well as on social media.
  6. If you ARE a Finalist, attend the in-person Awards Ceremony on February 26, 2022 to watch the Winners of each category and the Lash Artist of the Year get announced.
  7. Celebrate yourselves and each other! Not everyone is brave enough to even enter, and win or not, your courage needs to be acknowledged!
  8. Receive your scorecards, grow from implementing feedback comments.
  9. Sign up for The Skin Games Lash Competition 2022. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.