NALA School for Lash Trainers Step Three

Congratulations on earning accreditation!

After checkout you will have instant access to your NALA Global Directory folder. Please upload your elements for your profile on the directory.

This fee will be automatically withdrawn each year on this date for your annual accreditation renewal.



The lash industry is constantly evolving and discovering new, better, more-informed ways of doing things. Because of this, accreditation expires each year. 

To maintain accredited status, review the annual accreditation requirement updates (sent to you via email every September) and update your curriculums accordingly before your expiry date.

Email your updated manuals to NALA within one week after your renewal date. We will not review manuals before the renewal date. More details available in the Step One product online under the accreditation section. 

Your updated Certificate of Accreditation and gold foil stickers will be sent to you once your renewal fee has been successfully withdrawn. A digital copy of the certificate will be sent via email on the first Wednesday after your renewal date.