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NALA is an international, non-governmental organization that advocates for professionals in the lash industry.


The National Association of Lash Artists offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering Academy Accreditation, Lash Educator Programs, NALA Memberships and International Industry Awards.

NALA is dedicated to nurturing the growth and sustainability of our professional trade. This association, in a very short time, has been instrumental in improving professional standards for lash artists, lash educators and most recently, product manufacturers and suppliers.

NALA President, Levi Shephard, spent five years researching and collaborating with beauty industry experts in several countries, consulting with lash artists and educators around the globe and studying existing industry guidelines already in place. This vital research has provided insight to the common concerns of the lash world and their best solutions. The NALA Standards for the lash trade are discussed and decided by the NALA Board of Advisors, which consists of both industry and non-industry personnel. 


Lashlandia TV Interview

Levi Shephard, NALA President, is interviewed by Elanas Liachovičius on May 5, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.


Media Coverage: NALA Awards Gala and Conference. 

Emily Lee of Beauty Pro Media created 2 videos filled with details about the first annual NALA Awards Gala and Conference. Watch the event coverage and hear from the attendees about their experience. 

Learn more about our upcoming event at www.nalagala.com 


The Lash Executive Interview

Levi Shephard, NALA President, is interviewed by Danielle Rae on March 18, 2018 in Gilbert, Arizona.


LashCast Podcast interview.


Paul and Tusannee Luebbers, along with their colleague Erika, ask Levi all the tough questions about NALA, the NALA Awards and some of the biggest challenges in the lash industry today.


NALA President, Levi Shephard has been featured in several magazines and on television discussing a variety of important industry topics. Levi has written articles for Lash Inc., Lash Inc. Canada/USA Edition, LashStylist Magazine and Cils Mag. If you would like to interview Levi, or commission an article, please get in touch via email: [email protected] 


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