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Find courses and resources for lash professionals, information about industry regulations, NALA standards, and other valuable content created for eyelash extension technicians.

NALA launched in 2016 with a mission to support lash artists by offering regulatory guidelines and a professional membership program. Our membership has been thoughtfully designed to help you achieve your highest possible level of success in the lash industry.

Find a full list of resources, courses, membership options, and products available for lash artists (and aspiring lash artists) below.

Looking To Get Certified As A Lash Artist?

Find an accredited lash academy on the NALA Global Directory

For Lash Artists

Collaborators, Not Competitiors

Join the NALA Membership for amazing perks!

For Lash Educators

At NALA, we understand that education is the foundation of or industry. We support lash educators and academy owners by providing them with everything they need to be exemplary trainers and wildly successful in business.

Using ten years of research and development, our programs are designed to make your life easier as the educator so you can focus on your students.

Looking To Get Certified As A Lash Educator?

Get educator training and certification through NALA School For Lash Trainers.

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