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This online course will guide you through the process of optimizing and maximizing your lash studio so your business will be more efficient and more profitable.

CAD $160+gst
USD $120 

Reasons to register...

  • You will enjoy your work more if everything is running smoothly.

  • You will feel like such a boss when you complete all of these steps!!

  • Because you will have systems in place, hiring and training staff will be SO much easier and more effective.

  • You will be able to grow your business with much less trouble.

  • You will free up valuable time.

  • You will earn more money by increasing revenue AND improving your profits.

  • You will create something that is sellable or duplicatable.

Increase Clients

Increasing the number of clients coming through your door is obviously the simplest way for your business to grow. Our strategies make it easy.

Increase RPC

Increase your revenue per client by finding ways to increase the amount of money each client spends and boost your revenue without having to constantly acquire new customers.

Decrease CPC

Decreasing cost per client is a crucial aspect of maximizing the profitability of your business. Let's work to decrease the amount of money you're spending to maintain each of your individual clients.

Improve Efficiency

Optimize your processes to provide services faster, cheaper, and better way to meet client expectations.

Raise Your Prices

Successfully raise your prices! By the end of this course you can get set up to justify an appropriate price increase and the perceived value of your service, making it more attractive to customers who are willing to pay a premium for quality.

Achieve Your Highest Possible Level of Success

Kai Bella

“Take. This. Course. If you're serious about transforming your lash business. The Optimize Your Lash Business Course is THE way forward. Levi has thought of everything to help make you and your lash business stand out from the rest. A clear and conscious guide. for success right at your fingertips. Do it now! 5 stars!"

Blaze Lloyd

"Thank you! I just finished this course, I LOVED it and found it super informative. I can't wait to learn more."

Lash Business Success Strategies

NALA created this FB group to focus on rebuilding, growing, networking and thriving in our industry once again! Whether you need to ask for help or you have great advice to contribute for others, let’s work together to get our beloved trade flourishing again. This group is open to all lash professionals.

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