Optimize & Maximize Your Lash Business

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"Take. This. Course. If you’re serious about transforming your lash business the Optimize Your Lash Business course is the way forward. Levi has thought of everything to help make you and your lash business stand out from the rest. A clear and concise guide for success right at your fingertips! Do it now! 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ "

Kai Bella
Owner of Lash Theory Studio in La Jolla, CA

Optimize and Maximize Your Lash Business

Before you do anything to grow your business it is vital that you optimize and maximize what you already have. This online course will guide you through the process of optimizing your lash studio so your business will be more efficient and more profitable.

The benefits of completing this online course:
⭐️ You will enjoy your work more if everything is running smoothly.
⭐️ You will feel like such a boss when you complete all of these steps!!
⭐️ Because you will have systems in place, hiring and training staff will be SO much easier and more effective.
⭐️ You will be able to grow your business with much less trouble.
⭐️ You will free up valuable time.
⭐️ You will earn more money by increasing revenue AND improving your profits.
⭐️ You will create something that is sellable or duplicatable.
You'll discover how to:
⭐️ Increase your number of clients.
⭐️ Increase your RPC (Revenue Per Client).
⭐️ Decrease your CPC (Cost Per Client).
⭐️ Improve efficiency in your business.
⭐️ Successfully raise your prices!


Frequently Asked Questions

The course consists of 9 videos.

Video 1: Course Introduction (00:47 minutes)

Video 2: The Steps (02:06 minutes)

Video 3: Before You Can Optimize (02:47 minutes)

Video 4: Increase Your Number of Clients (13:16 minutes)

Video 5: Increase The Revenue Per Client (03:38 minutes)

Video 6: Decrease Your Costs Per Client (03:17 minutes)

Video 7: Improve Efficiency In Your Lash Business (03:46 minutes)

Video 8: Successfully Raise Your Prices (07:58 minutes)

Video 9: The Recap (01:52 minutes)

Canadian residents pay $160 CAD + 5% GST.

Non-Canadian residents pay $120 USD


The total duration of the videos adds up to less than 38 minutes, however, each video challenges you to complete certain task for your business and those task can be time consuming, depending on where you are in your business today.

I strongly recommend implementing the advice from each module before moving on to the next.

Ideally, the complete process should take you up to 3 months to implement.

You will gain access immediately after purchase and will have unlimited access. Complete the modules at your own convenience and in your own time.

Come Back Stronger and Prepared

Now is the time to focus on the business portion of your business!

NALA was created to support and nurture the lash community. Our president, Levi Shephard, created this online course to help lash studio owners achieve their highest possible level of success. 

We understand that most lash artists around the world have been forced to temporarily closed their doors. Some are still closed (or closed again) while others have recently reopened.

Taking online courses is a great way to utilize your newly-found (or enforced) free time and prepare yourself for tremendous success when you are able to return to work and start rebuilding. We trust this course will arm you with valuable information to help you return to work even stronger once this unfortunate situation is finally behind us.

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