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Exclusive Member Discounts

We want to ensure that our members have direct access to the highest quality products, courses  and services. That's why we've partnered with the following brands and companies to offer discounts for our NALA Members.

Coupon codes can be found in your NALA Membership digital product.

NALA Accredited Academies

The following brands have had their Academy curriculum Accredited by the National Association of Lash Artists.

The Lash Shop

At THE LASH SHOP,  we are WHERE SCIENCE MEETS ARTISTRY. We are a collective of Artists, Educators, and Scientists united by a common goal: to lead the industry through science and innovation. We offer premium lash products and award-winning, accredited courses that empower artists to go beyond boundaries, merging creativity with evidence-based solutions. We are so excited to partner with NALA to offer an exclusive discount on our products and courses! We believe that together, we can work to empower Artists and propel the industry forward.

Winners of: NALA Academy of The Year 2021, NALA Most Comprehensive Curriculum 2019, and NALA Best Business Curriculum 2021

The Lash Shop Fendi Oung

Owned and operated by NALA Member and member of NALA's Expert Board of Advisors, Fendi Oung, we have decided to partner with The Lash Shop because we trust that they have always, and will always continue to offer high-quality products and services to the lash industry. 

Our favorite The Lash Shop products:

NALA Members receive discounts on products and courses found on: The Lash Shop - Eyelash Extension Supplies and Training Academy

Lash Tribe

Lash Tribe in Australia wants to provide you with THE BEST PROFESSIONAL LASH PRODUCTS possible to make your lashing life easier. Many new artists look for cheap lash products and simply don't get the best results that they could. This is why Lash Tribe has made it our mission in the last few years, to hand-test your Volume Tweezers and have the highest quality control for all of our eyelash extensions products that we ship worldwide. 

Winners of: NALA Academy of The Year x 2

Lash Tribe Julia Mann

Owned and operated by member of NALA's Expert Board of Advisors, Julia Mann, we have decided to partner with Lash Tribe because we believe that they have made it their mission to unite stylists and create successful pro lash artists.

Our favorite Lash Tribe products:

NALA Members receive discounts on products found on: Lash Tribe | Eyelash Extension Products | Lash Training ( 

Lash Prodigy

Other Trusted Lash Industry Suppliers

The following brands are seen as trusted and integral by the National Association of Lash Artists.

Lash Line

Hey there, we're Jessi and Cara of Lash Line—your trailblazing guides in the lash universe. With superior products and online education, Lash Line has been on the scene since 2015, then reborn into a mentorship turned partnership movement in 2017. We champion the disruptors and the entrepreneurial spirits in the eyelash industry. We're not just about serving lash artists kick-ass products; we're about forging bonds that turn artists into icons. Join us, while we create a legacy of bold creativity and bolder ambitions. Lash Line is a proud supporter of NALA, referring all our students to NALA for all guidelines + standard operating practices, and a previous brand sponsor for the Nala Conference in 2018 and 2019.

Winners of: NALA's Best Customer Service 2020 and 2021, and NALA's Best Technique 2019 (Co-Owner Cara Kapler)

Jessilyn Love and Cara Kapler

Owned and operated by NALA loved, Jessi and Cara, we have decided to partner with Lash Line because we believe in their mission to support artists and engage in community over collaboration.

Our favorite Lash Line products:

NALA Members receive discounts on products found on: Premium Lash Extensions Supplier & Training Academy | Lash Line (

Lash Line offers NALA Members an EXCLUSIVE discount on their brand new release: ERGO - Electric Beauty Bed

ERGO is fully adjustable and is an investment in the longevity and ergonomics of your career as a lash artist.

Find your NALA Member discount of higher than *EVER* offered on ERGO, in your digital membership product. 

ergo Lash Line
lure lash pro

Founded on a deep-rooted friendship of 25 years, Anna and Carmela embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, launching Lure Lash in 2012. Our journey is fueled by a desire to share our accumulated wisdom and contribute to the flourishing landscape of the lash extension industry. Our mission is to empower you, guiding you towards the career you've always envisioned, with high-quality professional services, products, and comprehensive training that pave the way for your success.

lure lash pro

Owned and operated by NALA Accredited Member Anna Abraham, we've decided to partner with Lure Lash Pro because we believe in their mission to empower artists and provide them with high-quality products.

Our favorite Lure Lash Pro products:

NALA Members receive discounts on the entire Lure Lash Pro site:

dana demarco the lash ritual

The Lash Ritual is a lash artist founded creative color specialty lash brand. Our mission is to provide lash artists with the largest selection of unique and rare color lashes so they can create one of a kind color sets that embrace their clients individual personalities and self expression. Think of us like the Manic Panic, or Pulp Riot of the lash industry. 


We have been building a niche community of like-minded creative artists over the last four years, and our 2024 goal is to create more in-person opportunities for our community such as large scale creative photoshoots, collaborations with sister industries, and hands-on involvement in our future product creations. 


We’ve partnered with NALA in order to support the mission of upholding safety and quality standards in the lash industry. 

the lash ritual products

Owned and operated by Dana DeMarco, we've decided to partner with The Lash Ritual because we believe they offer some of the coolest and most creative products on the market for lash artists - and our members deserve that. 

Our favorite The Lash Ritual products:

NALA Members receive discounts on apparel found on: The Lash Ritual

Lash Apparel Brands

The following brands are seen as offering high quality beauty apparel by the National Association of Lash Artists.

Beauty Mob

Beauty Mob is a beauty based apparel company that was founded in 2020. We stand for diversity and inclusivity and have designed high quality beauty merch and apparel for the everyday artist. We have hand selected and work with professional manufacturers to create beautiful pieces that beauty professionals are proud to wear. 


Our brand is proud to serve the community and partner with NALA - we have built our businesses by collaborating and working with others to serve the needs of our community. 

Crystal and Carlos Perez International Lash Expo

Owned and operated by Carlos and Crystal Perez, we have decided to partner with Beauty Mob because we value their passion for education and collaboration. Their apparel is top of the line and we are proud to offer our members with discounted access to fun, cute, and stylish beauty professional apparel.

Our favorite Beauty Mob products:

NALA Members receive discounts on apparel found on: BK Eyelashes - Beauty Mob Apparel

Lash Business Software

The following brands are seen as offering high-quality, trusted and integral platforms for lash professionals, by the National Association of Lash Artists.

gloss geniusg

GlossGenius is a leading provider of business management, booking, and payments software designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry, offering a comprehensive solution starting at just $24/month. Our mission is to empower self-care professionals with the tools they need to grow their businesses and maximize profits.


This is what led us to partner with NALA (National Association of Lash Artists), as we share a common goal of elevating industry standards and supporting professionals in their career journeys. By offering exclusive discounts to NALA members, we aim to make our platform more accessible to lash artists, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance client satisfaction. This partnership is a reflection of our commitment to the beauty community, fostering a supportive ecosystem where every professional can grow and thrive. 

gloss genius

GlossGenius' powerful yet easy-to-use app offers a range of business management tools such as booking and scheduling, advanced marketing, insightful analytics, payment processing, card readers, web hosting – the list goes on.


NALA has decided to partner with GlossGenius to support their mission in empowering small business owners to get back to what they love doing – their creative work – instead of the overwhelming administrative tasks that come with running a business. 

NALA Members receive discounts on GlossGenius' software. Learn more here:

Ergonomically Supportive Tools & Furniture

The following brands are seen as offering high-quality, and ergonomically supportive furniture and/or supplies for lash professionals, by the National Association of Lash Artists.


CoreChair was developed with a research-based approach to address sitting disease and back pain. At CoreChair, we believe that ergonomics is so important in sustaining a career as a lash artist.  Many lash artists use the CoreChair to provide better comfort and ergonomics in order to work pain free! Here are NALA's favorite benefits of the CoreChair:


Pelvic support provides the foundation for a balanced healthy spine to prevent slumping, optimize posture, and reduce back pain and discomfort.


Our seat cushion works in conjunction with the pelvic support to stabilize the pelvis, optimize sitting posture, and reduce back pain.


Swollen ankles? Movement stimulates your circulation. Not just to make your heart pump but also assists your vascular return.


Sculpted seat harmonizes with pelvic stabilizer to relieve pressure points, prevent sliding, and provide added comfort.


Movement is the key to maintaining core strength and more movement will definitely build strength. One absolute is that if you don’t use it you will lose it.


Movement stimulates your lymphatic system and blood flow to keep your vital systems working well.


Movement burns calories and helps manage our weight and mood, which provides energy! Using CoreChair can increase metabolic demand by 20%!

Cassic Features Graphic 2024 (1).jpg

Owned and operated by husband and wife team – Lisa Forsyth and Patrick Harrison, we've decided to partner with CoreChair because we believe in their mission to support service providers ergonomically and ensure that they have a long-lasting, successful and sustainable career.

NALA Members receive discounts on CoreChair products. Find the chair for you here:

Other Services

NALA Members receive discounts services from the following companies:

beauty and bodywork ins.png
Many more discounts on suppliers, tax and bookkeeping services, insurance, health and wellness programs, lash apparel and more - coming soon.

Looking to collaborate with NALA and offer our members discounts and other benefits? Email us with your idea!!
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