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NALA must constantly review and update our recommended standards and terms of membership in order to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

One of our top subjects this year has been the use of pre-made fans.

NALA currently holds the position that using pre-made volume fans on clients is not acceptable practice. NALA Members are bound to NALA standards and therefore are not permitted to use them. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. There are a multitude of different kinds available with too many unanswered questions and variables to be explored.

  2. Pre-made fans are being purchased and used by lash artists who are NOT volume trained. The concern is, these artists may not have the comprehensive understanding of safe fan applications. Artists applying volume fans need to understand how different weights and fan widths will affect the natural lash. Proper selection, creation and placement of fans is vital for protecting the integrity of the client’s natural lashes.

  3. Pre-made fans limit the ability to create a custom fan for each natural lash as required during an appointment. Creating a handmade fan, in real time, gives the artist the flexibility to customize each fan for each lash in order to maintain the integrity of the client’s natural lashes.

The NALA Board of Advisors is currently discussing potential educational requirements that would enable us to accept the use of pre-made fans. Until these requirements can confidently be determined, and until we can prove, without a doubt, that the use of pre-mades is safe for the client, the practice will continue to be prohibited for NALA members.

We understand our stance may be unpopular with some lash artists, educators and product suppliers, however, NALA encourages the best practices and we support ONLY those techniques which we can be certain are safe for clients. We cannot condone practices simply because they are popular or because it’s what the people want. NALA insists on finding solid evidence that pre-made fans are harmless when used correctly. Once we can obtain that, and I assure you we are working on it, we will accept pre-made fans as part of the membership application and NALA standards.

*This blog was published on October 14, 2019. NALA's stance on pre-made fans has since been altered. Please email with any questions or concerns regarding the use of such fans.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.


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