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Stand out as a lash artist

NALA Membership is the most sought-after lash artist accolade in the entire industry.

The NALA Accredited Member Seal is awarded to lash artists for outstanding professionalism, integrity, ethics, standards, and techniques. NALA Accreditation stands as the ultimate mark of distinction, setting the gold standard for lash artists worldwide. 

In order to earn Accreditation, an applicant must demonstrate:

  • Proper isolation and application technique

  • Flattering symmetry and design for different eye and face shapes

  • Up-to-industry standard disinfection protocols

  • Top-notch client care and customer service

  • Up-to-industry standard room setup

  • Correct business and legal requirements

  • Overall, their professionalism, skill, talent, and knowledge as a lash artist

Are you a lash artist who...?
  • Prioritizes the health and well being of your clients;

  • Wants to do things right in all areas of your lash business (home-based or retail);

  • Is dedicated to providing hygienic services at all times;​​

  • Is frustrated with the oversaturation of the lash industry and wants to stand out to clients;

  • Is prepared to meet NALA Standards in your lash business/career;

  • Occasionally gets overwhelmed (or often!);

  • Feels lonely in business sometimes;

  • Wants to be part of a supportive and uplifting community;

  • Would appreciate online workshops and business challenges to help you be more successful;

  • Wants to save $$ on things like insurance and lash products;

  • Would like to be listed on the NALA Global Directory to showcase your professional credibility;

  • Is interested in participating in exclusive events for NALA Members only;

...Then we want you to become a NALA Accredited Member!

We Are Uniting The Lash Industry

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New Members Pay $0 Application Fee.png
Application Fee

CAD $165 + GST
USD $141

Monthly Recurring Fee 

CAD $30 + GST
USD $26

Approval is not guaranteed. You will receive a detailed report once we have processed your complete application. If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a list of exactly what changes are required in order to earn membership. When this is the case, you are granted three months to process the changes and resubmit at no cost. If your second attempt is unsuccessful you will be required to pay a re-apply admin fee for each submission there after.

Membership Benefits

Gain instant access to expert interviews, business-building workshops, monthly educational sessions, industry resources and more in the Members-Only website.

Once approved, your profile will be added to the NALA Global Directory which is advertised to the public to help them connect with quality lash artists in their area.

You'll receive discount codes for high-quality lash suppliers. Learn more about our exclusive member discounts here.

Receive industry updates and important news delivered directly to your email account.

Receive special pricing and/or VIP access to NALA hosted events.

You'll be invited to join our private members-only forum.

Participate in members-only events throughout the year.

Application Process

The application process (from purchase date to official accreditation may take up to 20 business days (4 weeks).

  1. Review the NALA Membership Agreement.

  2. Select your local currency option at checkout. Sign up using your email address and other required information. When you purchase membership your payments will be set up as automatic withdrawals each month. You are guaranteed this price for life, provided you don’t cancel. Even when membership fees increase; your fees will never change.

  3. Follow the steps on the confirmation page (this will be emailed to you as well).

  4. You will be instructed to upload photos of your work according to our photo and video requirements (found in the application), alongside videos that demonstrate your isolation and application technique, and videos that demonstrate your picking technique (no stickies!). You will also need to sign and date our membership agreement. You will be granted two weeks to submit everything.

  5. Take advantage of all your membership perks right away! You have full access to the membership site and the private members forum on Facebook even BEFORE you complete your application.

  6. Our team will review your application. We review based on many components, such as coverage, adhesive use, symmetry and design, technique and practices, client protection (eyepads and taping), bonding of extensions, isolation, and more.

  7. Once approved, our team will officially grant you NALA Accreditation. You will be welcomed with your official Member Certificate with unique Member ID, Member Badge, your signed copy of the NALA Membership Agreement, a copy of your Application Sheet, and more. We will welcome you to the community and showcase some photos of your work on our social media pages. 

  8. Our team will provide you with instructions to  submit your elements for the NALA Global Directory so we can begin advertising your services to the public. 

  9. Promote yourself as an Officially Accredited NALA Member. Showcase your certificate in your studio, join the community, receive awesome discounts and other perks, meet like-minded professionals and stand out in the lash industry. 

What Earning Accreditation Means To Our Members

"I’m so grateful that NALA offers accreditation to lash artists and lash educators to further hold not only artists but the lash industry to a higher standard. In my opinion everyone should strive to be the best and pursue being an accredited service provider."

Maddison Fortuna // Adorn Atelier

NALA Members are changing the lash industry.

Are you going to be a part of it?

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Want to chat with someone at NALA?

We love connecting with members of our lash community. If you have questions, send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help!

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