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The National Association of Lash Artists - Promoting professionalism, integrity, and ethical business for the betterment of the global lash industry.

For New Lash Artists

From training to launching to getting your first paying client, don't miss a single step on your exciting new journey of becoming a professional lash artist.


NALA Members are an elite group of lash artists who value professionalism and integrity. Our members have been selected based on their skill, quality, and safe practices. Together, we are changing the industry, one perfectly applied lash extension at a time.

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"NALA is there to support and provide current up-to-date standards. It's an amazing organization with so many members to assist you in this lash journey."

Julie H.

"This organization changed my career! A hub for everything lashes! Safety standards and guidelines and a code of ethics for such an unregulated service that exceeds my standards."

Aileen F.

"Not only am I proud to be a new member of NALA, it is comforting to be a part of a community of likeminded professionals who are supportive & kind to one another. Levi & associates, thank you for commencing a higher benchmark & raising the "bar" in our industry. Looking forward to a fulfilling journey"

Shari F.


The NALA Seal of Accreditation is the "Michelin Star" of the lash industry. NALA Accreditation is earned as part of a three-step program (NALA School for Lash Trainers) designed to help lash educators achieve their highest possible level of success while also having a positive impact on the education of all future lash artists. The sustainability of our trade depends on quality education within the industry.

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"I just took the educators course in Edmonton with Levi and I can say that I am 100% satisfied. We covered a lot of information and I came back extremely motivated to continue to grow my career. She is such a value to lash artists and NALA is much needed if we want to raise this industry up and hold ourselves to higher standards. I feel 100% confident in my ability to develop my curriculum and cannot wait for all of the exciting things to come. Thanks Levi!"

Sandy L.

"​​Levi is so thorough with her accreditation process. She is helpful and quick when you need her and a pioneer for the lash industry! I trust the information that she passes onto our industry because I know she is collaborating with top international lash artists. Thank you NALA for helping educate our industry and push us forward!"

Jenna H

"I am very proud to have my Lash Artistry courses accredited by NALA. Having spent time "chatting lashes" often with Levi - NALA's Founder - I know you are committing to a level of excellence and professional standard that will help raise the bar for the whole industry and create a great business culture for your lash studio or courses! Thanks Levi for your commitment to the Lash Industry!"

Jill H-P.


Our industry is abundant with professional lash artists, product suppliers, and educators who care about the advancement of the lash trade. NALA wants to reward these companies and individuals for their many selfless deeds, which play a determining role in raising standards and enhancing our chosen field of work. 

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"I attended last year and had an absolutely outstanding time! I’m extremely excited to attend again this year."

Amanda C.

"An amazing group of people getting together to share a wealth of knowledge to an industry that is growing and thriving. Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, and team members of NALA for such a wonderful experience."

Felix L.

"Fantastic time meeting up with like-minded lash artists! The speakers were really informative and it was a great way to network. Thanks NALA!"

Fiona M.

"I am thankful that Levi Shephard has helped make this industry safer by regulating things. Without that, it would be a very risky and dangerous industry."

Ashley P.

"I'm so happy that there is finally an association that is helping to regulate the industry. We definitely need standards! I love how the president of NALA, Levi, is experienced in the industry - this ensures that we are implementing realistic standards and focus on the important aspects of the industry. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always there to provide guidance and encouragement for both business and lashes. NALA is beneficial for clients, students and educators. Clients are able to use the site to look for quality and accredited Lash Artists. Students are able to find training facilities that are accredited to ensure that they receive the quality training. Educators are able to get certified to ensure they have a strong foundation to provide to their students. We can all benefit from the workshops and blogs on the site as well! I highly recommend joining NALA!"

Fendi O.


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