The National Association of Lash Artists


NALA offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as Academy Accreditation, Lash Educator Programs, Professional Memberships and International Industry Awards.

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Promoting professionalism, integrity and ethical business for the betterment of the global lash industry.

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National Association of Lash Artists

Established in 2016


Promoting professionalism, integrity and ethical business for the betterment of the global lash industry.


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The National Association of Lash Artists has multiple pillars within the organization. Our company pillars include professional membership for lash artists, certification for educators, accreditation for academies, and our annual industry awards gala and conference.

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Community is such a precious gift. Together we can take the lash industry to new heights. As a dedicated community of like-minded professionals, we have the ability to ensure the longevity of our beloved trade.

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I have been in business for many years and there are all kinds of lash techs out there. The NALA Membership allows me to stand above because their standards are the highest! I am so proud to be an accredited member!”


Corinne B. 


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“This course (NALA School for Lash Trainers Step One) blew me away. I have been lashing for years and learned new valuable information that I'm excited to share!  RATE 10/10  I feel fully prepared to create my manual.”


Gabriella K. 


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NALA is an international, non-governmental organization that advocates for professionals in the lash industry.

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Follow our stories on Instagram for a variety of informative series' hosted by President, Levi Shephard.

Learn about:

  • Disinfection processes
  • Develop, implement and enforce policies
  • Create an amazing client experience
  • When and how to fire a client
  • Increase revenue and decrease costs
  • and many more valuable topics


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Annual Activities


A number of activities are conducted on an annual basis, including:

  • Monitoring changes to legislation and government policies
  • Surveying organizations about the current requirements with a request for any additional feedback
  • Analyzing feedback from communities, organizations, and individuals
  • Providing the most recent feedback to the NALA Board of Advisors for consideration
  • Informing NALA Members of any upcoming amendments to the recommended guidelines
  • Informing the owners of accredited academies of any upcoming amendments to our accreditation requirements

The NALA recommended regulations are developed and released every year to ensure the validity and on-going relevance of our standards.

Maintaining our standards is a continuous process. Board members meet annually to update the requirements for both membership and academy accreditation. 

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2022 NALA Industry Awards


Nominations open from November 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.


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There are five major turning points on your path to success, starting with training, and ending with a six-figure income. These turning points, which are all attainable, have been broken down into five separate milestones. NALA is here to guide and support you through the steps of achieving each one.

Milestone OneGet Your First Paying Client. (Follow the steps outlined in this free, downloadable, guide.)

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Milestone Four: Optimize Your Business/Career And Maximize Your Profits.

Milestone Five: Earn Six Figures Per Year Doing Lashes!

NALA members have access to ALL the online workshops, programs, videos, and other resources designed to give lash artists the best chance of achieving all five milestones. As a non-member, you can access to Milestone One: 'Get Your First Paying Client' which we created to help all lash artists around the globe get started on the right path towards a sustainable career in the lash trade. 

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