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National Association of Lash Artists TM

Serving Our Community Since 2016

The National Association of Lash Artists is an internationally recognized, non-governmental, accreditation agency that advocates for professionals in the lash industry.

We support the global industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering lash educator certification, lash academy accreditation, NALA memberships and international industry awards.

We strive to provide the lash industry with vital information regarding health and hygiene, safe practices and new scientific research. Our Board of Advisors meet annually to share our discoveries and expertise. We use this collective of valuable information to update our recommended guidelines, membership and accreditation requirements, and to create workshops and resources for our members.

NALA is dedicated to helping lash professionals achieve their highest possible level of success. To support this mission we have created products and resources for lash artists and educators.

We offer:

Meet The NALA Team

Whether you're a lash artist, lash educator or lash academy owner, our team is dedicated to your success!  

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Raine Dumais-Kemp

Member Support Leader

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Levi Shephard

NALA President

How NALA Serves The Lash Industry

NALA currently serves over 800 members, in 27 countries and 3 languages. We offer support, information, and regulatory recommendations to an unregulated industry. Lash professionals can earn accreditation as either a service provider or as a training academy.

NALA Accredited Membership

This accolade is evidence that a professional lash artist meets, or exceeds, NALA standards in their studio.

In an industry with little or no regulations when it comes to lash certifications, becoming an accredited NALA Member proves professional integrity and skills. 

Lash artists can apply to be recognized as a NALA Accredited Member. This process consists of a thorough review of their abilities, daily practices, studio policies, workplace set up, disinfection protocols and staff prerequisites. Anyone who earned their lash license or certification through a lash academy that has been accredited by NALA may contact their academy director to gain access to a specialized application and exclusive membership discounts.

Once approved, our Accredited Members are bound to the NALA Professional GuidelinesCode of Ethics and Decontamination Guide and they are listed on the NALA Global Directory.

NALA Educator Training & Certification

NALA School for Lash Trainers Educator training & Certification offers over 40 educational modules filled with extremely valuable content to help educators create a quality curriculum, understand their legal obligations, be aware of their responsibilities as a lash educator, be adept in workplace safety, and gain access to up-to-date accurate information about disinfection and health & safety concerns.

Upon successful completion of this three day intensive course, participants earn their Educator Certificate from NALA.

NALA Accredited Academy

The NALA Seal of Accreditation is the 'Michelin Star' of the lash industry. Recognized as one of the highest accolades a lash academy can earn, our seal is a symbol of educational excellence and professional credibility.

The NALA Seal of Accreditation is NOT easy to earn. In fact, no academy has passed the application on their first attempt. Of course, we work closely with all of our applicants to guide them through the necessary changes they need to make in order to earn accreditation status.

NALA Accreditation cannot simply be purchased. Each academy that has successfully earned accredited status through the association has made changes to their practices and curriculums in order to meet our requirements and become officially accredited by NALA.

Once officially accredited, they are listed on the NALA Global Directory. 

Educator Programs

NALA SFLT has a variety of online programs to suit your professional needs and individual business goals.

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