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About SFLT

NALA understands that EDUCATION is the foundation of our industry. There is so much more to teaching than simply showing someone how to apply eyelash extensions. That's why we created programs that support our industry's educators and academy owners.

The truth is, our industry doesn't need more trainers . . .

We need game-changers, dedicated mentors, and true leaders who are committed to the positive evolution of the lash industry. We need quality educators who care not only about their students success but the lash industry as a whole.

"It's not about MY success or YOUR success; it's about OUR success as an industry!"

Levi Shephard - NALA President

Are you...

  • Passionate about making the lash industry the best it can be?

  • Committed to the success of each and every one of your students?

  • Dedicated to writing (or licensing) the most comprehensive lash manuals?

  • Looking for information and resources to help you ensure your curriculums are accurate and up to date?

  • Interested in joining a community of high-caliber educators who lift each other up and share their experiences with one another?

  • Excited by the idea of attending exclusive educator seminars and workshops?

  • Tired of trying to create and launch a successful academy with little results or major delays?

  • Struggling with overwhelm or imposter syndrome?

  • Confused about government requirements, legal considerations, trademarks and copyrights?

  • Having difficulty knowing what to include in your manuals and where to find the best information, images and resources?

. . . then we have a program for you!

Available Programs

NALA SFLT has a variety of online programs to suit your professional needs and individual business goals.

"I love how the course not only teaches you how to be a teacher, but also reminds you of things you should and should not be doing as a lash artist. It was like taking a refresher course, and adding more amazing information under my belt."
Caitlyn Shafer. CA
 "There is no other company that does what NALA is doing. It is a source of education, a support system for artists and educators and of course a go - to resource. Having a NALA accredited course is a huge selling point for aspiring artists; a safety net for them to know they are learning from a top notch academy. Can't wait to start teaching, thank you for everything!"
Amanda Calderaro. AU
"The educator comprehension course gives an in-depth overview of what is expected of an educator. I have taken 5 courses now and this by far was more insightful than any I’ve ever learned in class. I also really enjoyed the visual/audio. The slides were so helpful. I'm grateful I can log in and rewatch if I have any concerns.  Rate this course 10/10. Highly recommended and enjoyed!"
Natalie Wolfe. US
Want to chat with someone at NALA SFLT?

Send an email to Georgia, our Lash Educator Success Strategist.

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