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NALA Professional Guidelines

All NALA members are bound to these guidelines.

A professional lash artist is anyone applying individual or volume eyelash extensions with the use of professional-grade adhesive (cyanoacrylate based adhesive). 


Professional lash artists never apply lash extensions or perform any treatment on a client without written consent and/or a completed waiver form.


Professional lash artists must follow the manufacturer's guidelines for professional adhesive at all times. Never misuse lash adhesive. Cyanoacrylate based adhesives are a skin, eye, and mucous membrane irritant, and therefore must be used with precaution.


Professional lash artists use a specially formulated, professional remover gel to slowly and gently remove lash extensions without causing damage to the natural lash or eyes.


Professional lash artists never apply clusters/flares or strip lashes with professional-grade adhesive.


Professional lash artists shall only use products sold by reputable companies. Such companies are able to provide a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) report. All ingredients must meet Government Health Standards.


Professional lash artists shall comply with all provincial/state/county and federal laws regarding esthetic services and eyelash treatments.


Professional lash artists always refer clients to an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or doctor in the event of eye or skin irritation and NEVER give medical advice or make a diagnosis.


Professional lash artists never perform treatments on a client that shows signs of eye or skin irritation. Clients must be symptom free for a minimum of two weeks before performing any treatment.


Professional lash artists never perform treatments on a client that has been proven to be allergic to professional lash products.


Professional lash artists always keep their treatment area clinically clean for the safety of their clients, their staff and themselves.


Professional lash artists do not allow animals in their treatment facility. 


Professional lash artists do not allow young children in their treatment facility. 


Professional lash artists always disinfect their tools and treatment area between each client. No exceptions. See The NALA Decontamination Guide to find up-to-date industry standards for decontamination.


Professional lash artists do not apply lashes directly from the lash container. Extensions must be removed from the sterile lash tray or lash container and placed on a clean lash mat or similar platform. Unused extensions must be discarded. 


Professional lash artists do not reuse mascara wands or other brushes/application tools other than disinfected tweezers. These items must be discarded after use. Porous surfaces cannot be properly disinfected.


Professional lash artists DO NOT use Glass Bead Sterilizers, UV Sterilizers, Alcohol wipes, Regular Strength Barbicide, Sanitizing Wipes or Acetone to disinfect their application tools.


Professional lash artists use only High Level Chemical Solution disinfectant on reusable tools, as per The NALA Decontamination Guide. Check your local legislation to be certain your method of decontamination is within your local regulations.

Professional lash artists do not work on top of subpar work (foreign fills) and always put the lash health, safety, and integrity of their client's eyes and lashes first. 

  With that being said, Professional lash artists can complete foreign fills if any of the following are present:

  • The client is a patron of the same studio where all staff are trained to follow similar procedures and use the same products. All client history details must be available.

  • The client has been personally referred by another lash artist and all history details have been shared including original consultation details.

  • They are able to conduct a thorough and complete consultation and assessment of the client's natural lashes, and can confidently conclude that their lashes are safe to work on, and the extensions do not need to be removed in order to maintain the natural lashes integrity.

Professional lash artists never comment negatively on another artist's work. If you remove bad work and apply a new set, your client will see the difference for herself. Though we always encourage you to properly and professionally educate your clients. 


Professional lash artists do not discuss their clients personal details with other clients or other members of staff. Always respect a clients privacy.


Professional lash artists willingly mentor apprentices and newly certified lash artists. Always pay it forward to ensure quality and growth in our trade.


Professional lash artists know their value and set their prices according to their local market value. Respectable lash artists never undercut each other or start price wars.


Professional lash artists must treat all clients as new clients (offering them waivers, intake forms, and thorough consultations).


Professional lash artists present themselves and their business in a respectable manner at all times.

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