FAQ's for Lash Professionals

General Questions About NALA

The National Association of Lash Artists is an international, non-governmental organization that advocates for professionals in the lash industry.

NALA offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering Academy Accreditation, Lash Educator Programs, NALA Memberships and International Industry Awards.

We promote professionalism, integrity, and ethical business for the betterment of the global lash industry.

Annual Activities

A number of activities are conducted on an annual basis, including:

  • Monitoring changes to legislation and government policy
  • Surveying organizations about the current requirements with a request for any additional feedback
  • Analyzing feedback from communities, organizations, and individuals
  • Providing the most recent feedback to the NALA Board of Advisors for consideration
  • Informing the owners of accredited academies of any upcoming amendments
  • Informing the NALA Members of any upcoming updates to the NALA Standards and recommended guidelines


Accreditation Development Process

Updating the NALA Academy Accreditation requirements is a continuous process. The requirements are influenced by:

  • Global research into safe practice
  • On-going consultation with the NALA Board of Advisors
  • Feedback from lash professionals and the general public
  • Feedback from lash students
  • Changes in legislation and government policies
  • Demands for greater accountability
  • Targeted surveys about the new processes and standards
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of any new processes introduced
  • Making corrections in any necessary areas


Continuing Standards Development

An updated version of NALA Accreditation requirements is developed and released every year to ensure the validity and on-going relevance of the standards. Necessary amendments are communicated via email to the accredited academy owners. Academy owners are expected to fully implement the changes identified by the accompanying timeline. NALA provides as much notice as possible, though the implementation period for legislative changes can be much shorter.

The requirements for NALA Academy Accreditation are developed and reviewed in consultation with the NALA Board of Advisors.


Support for NALA Members and Accredited Academies

NALA creates online content and workshops for our members based on the research conducted throughout the year.

If you are an individual lash artist you can join the membership and apply to become an 'Accredited Member'.  See Lash Artist FAQ's below.

If you are an educator or school director, you can apply to have your academy accredited by participating in NALA School for Lash Trainers three-step program. See NALA School for Lash Trainers FAQ's below.

The NALA President is Levi Shephard.

Over the years Levi has gained experience in many aspects of business; lash artist, lash extensions educator, lash and brow studio owner, professional product developer, magazine columnist, founder of an accredited training academy, international stage presenter, author of business-building ebooks, creator of a global industry awards program, and founder of this international association.

Levi has spent more than 10 years researching and collaborating with beauty industry experts in several countries, consulting with lash artists and educators around the globe and studying existing industry guidelines already in place. This vital research has provided insight to the common concerns of the lash world and their best solutions.

Our Board of Advisors is comprised of both industry and non-industry personnel. You can learn about each of our board members HERE

If you are interested in volunteering on the board and assisting us as we advocate for the lash industry, please contact levi@nala-lashassociation.com and let us know how you can help.

Lash schools that have earned NALA Academy Accreditation, and hold active status, may use the NALA Seal of Accreditation. All officially accredited academies are listed on the NALA Global Directory www.nalamembers.com 

Lash artists who have earned Accredited Member status, may use the NALA Accredited Member badge (logo). All officially accredited members are listed on the NALA Global Directory www.nalamembers.com 

NALA Award Winners are given a winners badge that they may use on their website and social media to show off their accolade.

No one is permitted to use the NALA company logo. This logo is OUR trademarked logo and only NALA can use it.

There is a NALA logo with the term 'Certified Educator' circulating the internet. This badge was revoked in 2018. No one is permitted to use the NALA Educator's Badge and to do so is a misrepresentation of their status with the association. It is also trademark infringement, which we take very seriously. Anyone wishing to use the NALA name to promote their courses must first have their curriculum(s) reviewed by the association and earn academy accreditation (Steps Two and Three of NALA SFLT).

Misuse of NALA trademarked property will result in legal action. If you believe someone is misusing the NALA name or logo please notify us via email at [email protected]. All reports are kept confidential. 

To report the misuse of the NALA name and/or logos please send an email to [email protected] with as much detail as possible so we can look into your claim. All reports are handled thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Our Quality Control Manager will begin an investigation. We may be in touch to request further information. All reports are kept strictly confidential.

The NALA Awards Gala and Conference has been put on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

If you know of someone in the lash industry that deserves to be awarded for his/her exceptional skills, contribution to the industry, mentorship, product development or overall awesomeness, let us know!

 Submit their name by filling out the Nomination Form on the gala website at www.nalagala.com/nominate

There is a fee of $50 CAD for each nomination submitted.

Nominees, once they formally accept their nomination, complete an application detailing why they are the most worthy candidate for the award.

Our nomination applications are thoroughly reviewed by a committee of volunteers. 

The committee is comprised of both industry and non-industry personnel (the list of volunteers changes every year) who process the applications according to the NALA requirements for each award.

Committee members submit their reports to head office along with their votes as to who should win each award. The nominee with most votes is declared the winner of that award.

The NALA President includes her vote only in the event of a tie decision in order to declare an absolute winner.


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