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How To Become A Lash Educator

Updated: Jan 8

Are you an expert in all things lashes? Are you ready to pass the torch to the next generation? Do you want to open your own lash academy but you don’t really know where to start or how to go about it?

The most common question we get asked at NALA is “How do I become a lash educator?

Well, the simple answer is . . .

  1. Find out what the regulations are in your district and make sure you qualify.

  2. Earn your educator’s certificate, which is required by insurance companies.

  3. Write your manual(s).

  4. Promote your new academy to potential students.

  5. Get your academy accredited to show your credibility in the industry.

  6. Set up a classroom.

  7. Launch your first class.

However, the truth is, it’s not really all THAT simple . . .

  1. It can be challenging to find the regulations. We receive messages from frustrated researchers so often because they can't find the details for their state or province. Try asking your local cosmetology board, rather than searching through government websites about the education sector.

  2. Not all educator certificates are officially recognized. The certificate earned through NALA however is not only accepted by most insurance companies world-wide it’s actually the ONLY certificate accepted by many insurance companies in the US, Canada and Australia.

  3. Writing your manuals, which are the main component of your curriculum, will be a monumental task. My advice is to start by outlining your table of contents with a list of everything your students will need to know in order to be successful, then begin filling in the information for each section. Your manuals need to be very detailed and it’s important to ensure your content is accurate and up to date. Please don’t simply recycle the information, techniques and advice you were taught in your training unless you are absolutely certain it is correct.

  4. For many of us, marketing doesn’t come very easy. Getting students in an oversaturated market may prove difficult. I suggest you do a comparative market analysis and discover what makes you different from the other academies. Highlight those differences and added benefits in your advertising. Let students know why your academy is the right choice for them. NALA Accreditation is also a great way to instil confidence for your courses. It shows students that your academy has been reviewed and approved by an association of your professional peers. It helps them to feel they can trust you.

  5. Just a heads up; NALA Accreditation cannot simply be purchased. Approval is not guaranteed. Having said that, we never turn anyone away, but applicants must be prepared to make any necessary changes to their curriculum in order to meet the NALA Accreditation Standards. The NALA Seal of Accreditation is the ‘Michelin Star’ of the lash industry and to earn it is the highest possible accolade a lash academy can achieve.

  6. Your classroom must comply with local regulations for personal services. Your students will be applying lash extensions on live models, therefore there must be no carpet in the classroom, you will need a stainless steel sink and proper counter space for disinfection protocols, etc. Confirm the requirements with your local authorities to make sure your classroom is following local health codes, fire codes and professional services guidelines.

  7. Launching is the most exciting part!! To increase your chances of a successful launch, preplan your launch several months in advance. Promote your academy long before you’re ready to open. This will allow enough time for you to grow your online presence, build hype around your launch and get people to attend your launch party.

Teaching others can be a very rewarding career. When a student chooses you to be their trainer and mentor it is such a great honour. Its also huge responsibility! There’s SO much more to teaching than just showing someone how to apply eyelash extensions. A quality educator is dedicated to the success of their students, committed to quality education, and understands the power that comes with the position.

NALA is here to support you on your journey of becoming a lash educator. All I ask is - please don’t take this job lightly. The lash industry doesn’t need more educators. We need leaders, we need game-changers, we need dedicated mentors.

I trust you will you commit to being a quality educator with integrity!

I wish you a successful and fulfilling career as a lash educator.

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Levi Shephard

NALA President.

NALA School for Lash Trainers is the fastest and most effective way to create your own manuals and launch a successful academy.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.

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