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Manifestation - For Beginners

Perhaps you’ve heard of daily affirmations, but have you tried it and just felt uncomfortable? It's like standing there and lying to yourself in the mirror, reciting ‘I am wealthy’ when you have $5 left in your account, or ‘I am loved’ when you don’t really know what that means. Too deep?

For the longest time I thought this whole idea of unlocking your full potential by using the power of your mind was just another way to feel bad for not being more successful in life. Is it really your fault that you can’t keep a job? That you can’t find a good partner? Not exactly...

The big shift in perspective for me was realizing that it’s not about blame or trying to make you feel bad. Taking responsibility for what you do after and even before uncontrollable life events has a huge impact on how things play out and it can ALL be changed. The thoughts you repeat on autopilot, the actions you choose to take or don’t, and your underlying belief systems are what make your life work for you or against you.

Levi started studying these concepts years ago and has changed her life for the better. The law of attraction, the power of the mind, manifestation, and affirmation are things she talks about all the time. She deeply believes that this is how ANYONE can start making serious changes.

These teachings are HUGE concepts for people that are just getting started. There is so much to learn and understand here, but Levi has a simple way for you to dip your toes into this amazing world and start finding your power today.

At the 2019 NALA gala Levi did a stage presentation, sharing her stories of how she used simple manifestations to improve many aspects of her life and the mind-blowing results she achieved in a short period of time.

“In the months that followed the conference, I started getting emails from multiple people telling me how the exercise I taught them helped improve their lives and level-up their businesses.”

-Levi Shephard

We recorded the most recent presentation of her Manifestation For Beginners, so you can start rewriting your own story today.

Manifestation Workshop - For Beginners $50

In this workshop, Levi teaches you the exact same exercise that she shared with that audience. YOU WILL BE GIVEN ACTIONABLE STEPS that you can implement immediately and start manifesting anything you want right now!

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