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The Mindset Shift: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in a Bad Economy

The economy is down and the lash forums are full of comments from artists struggling. We see artists resorting to lowering their prices, some closing their doors, and a few giving up completely.

In business, it’s times like this where you have to decide if you're in this for the right reasons. If you’re truly passionate about the industry, and if you're committed to doing what it takes to get through this tough time, so that you can continue serving your loyal lash clients when things finally turn around.

If you can’t help but spend all day thinking about how you're losing money, feeling tense that some of your clients are leaving, stressing about how to get new people in the door, then you might be making things worse for yourself…

Hear me out.

I launched a business during our last economic downfall. I was doing lashes in my basement, in my home based business and in 2013 I decided to move to a retail space. So I opened a brick and mortar, hired a bunch of staff and I managed to have great success in that space because I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that our economy was failing. Apparently that was a really bad year here in Edmonton, the oil industry was shutting down, Alberta wasn’t doing well, but because I wasn’t religiously watching the news and because I wasn't getting sucked into the fear and drama of it all, I had no idea! I just got up every morning expecting success, doing my best, living my passion and everything worked out.

This is an example of how mindset can affect your life and your business. Because of how the law of attraction works whether you realize it or not, If everyday you're telling yourself that the market is oversaturated, there's no customers, nobody can afford lashes…the universe will show you that you're right.

Yes, the economy is bad right now, but I think many lash artists and studio owners are unfortunately and without realizing it, making their situations worse by expecting to fail because of the poor economic situation.

Making a mindset shift is simple, but not always easy. Often we are running on old hardwiring based on the belief systems we were raised on. A basic exercise I do to get back in a positive mindset is this;

Whenever you catch yourself playing that old negative record out of habit. Take a few minutes, take some space, take a breath and clear your mind. When you feel a bit relaxed from your hectic day, start thinking of everything that is going right for you and your business, everything you have, the positive people that bring goodness into your life, and all that you have to be grateful for and look forward to. Just be there in that state and enjoy it.

A mindset of gratitude works.

You’re here because you love this industry, you love what you do, and you love your clients. It’s time to change your mindset so you can start thinking outside the box and take creative action out of the joy you feel from being of service with the expectation of success!

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