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Attracting New Lash Clients

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

One question that many new lash artists have is: "How do I attract new clients?" The long and short of it is - it won't happen overnight, and it's going to take some work. Here is our advice on how to start marketing yourself as an independent lash artist.

Everyone loves social proof, new clients are going to look you up on socials to see your work. Create new social pages dedicated to your lash business (do not simply post to your personal accounts). Ask your clients to sign a consent form to post their images to your socials, and then show off your best work! Post once a day. If your client is happy with your work (which we are hoping they are!) ask them to post a review online to show your credibility to others.

Create a referral program for existing clients, and offer a 10% discount (their next service) for each client they bring through your door.

  • 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.**

  • Friends’ social media posts influence the purchase decisions of 83% of US online shoppers.**

  • 75% of Instagrammers will make a purchase or tell a friend when they get inspired by a post.**

  • Consumers referred by a friend are four times more likely to buy.**

  • When referred by other customers, people have a 37% higher retention rate.**

Family and friends are a great way to spread word of mouth, but not a reliable way to create a steady stream of clients. Networking with other lash artists, and others in the beauty business is going to be crucial to start building up your brand. Reach out to other lash artists, and make friends! Connect with bloggers, vloggers, and other lash gurus. One of the most common comments we get at our NALA Meetups is that "it's just nice to socialize with others that want to talk about lashes."

Become a NALA member, and find a community of lash artists that have proven their skills and dedication to providing a lash business built on professionalism, integrity, and ethical business practices.

Learn more about the NALA Membership

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.


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