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Make The Most of The Situation - COVID 19

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

During this time away from work we need to find ways to stay positive. Sure, this is not always easy when there's so much to be concerned about right now, but I suggest focusing on a combination of planning and goal-setting, for when business is ready to start back up again, and self-care, to keep you strong in your body and mind. It may help you to cope with this pandemic if you feel like you are still moving forward and taking action towards the goals you've always had and will continue to have in the future. A lot of things are out of our hands at the moment. We can't control what's happening in the world but we can control how we CHOOSE to react to it.

⭐️ Choose an attitude of gratitude. ⭐️ Choose to be positive. ⭐️ Choose to trust that everything will soon be even better than it was before. ⭐️ Choose to see all the good things that are happening in your community right now. ⭐️ Choose to trust that our government will take care of us. ⭐️ Choose to be happy. I highly recommend doing daily meditations and positive affirmations. Look at all that you have to be grateful for and focus on those aspects of your life. Money is not the most important thing. Business will come back!

What do you have in your life right now that you are grateful for? Write a list of everything you can feel grateful for; your home, your family, your health, you have a warm safe place to sleep at night, the list can be surprisingly long if you open your mind to being positive. Here are some suggestions of what you can be doing to keep busy and stay motivated while you're away from work: For your business: Deep clean your studio. Review your studio policies. Review your financials. Set new goals. Review and update your business plan. Make a plan for how your business is going to come back from this stronger than ever. Create a procedures manual/binder for your business. Complete all those online courses you've purchased but never actually finished.

Practice your lash skills. Join us for online, virtual NALA Meet Ups (find dates on our facebook page under "events"). For yourself and your family: Sing and dance (music enriches our lives.). Learn meditation (or enhance your existing practice). Begin a new yoga practice. Take a hot bath and enjoy a glass of wine. Clean out your closet/wardrobe. Go for a walk (if your area allows). Try a new recipe. Play a game (virtual or with your in-house family). Follow us on social media for more in-depth descriptions of each of the above suggestions, notice of upcoming virtual events, and more ways to keep busy during isolation. @lashassociation

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.

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