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How to Boost Revenue with Reviews as a Lash Artist

Before trying any new lash artist, most customers scroll straight to their reviews to learn

more about what to expect. This critically important touchpoint can help perfect-fit clients

find you and lead them to book an appointment. Leveraging more five-star reviews from

customers can significantly boost conversion and grow your business.

In this blog, we’ll share actionable techniques for getting glowing testimonials more

frequently, gathering reviews with software, and sharing customer comments online. With

the right strategies in place, reviews can become a remarkable lever for fueling your

success as a lash pro!

Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

Customer reviews significantly influence whether someone chooses your business over a

competitor, especially in the beauty industry. Surveys show that 97% of people read

reviews for local businesses before visiting them.

For your lash studio, when happy clients praise you and your artists by name, it builds

trust for new clients. Reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp also boost your ranking in

search results, increasing visibility and bookings. Reviews also provide early warnings of

issues, allowing you to address them and maintain high standards.

Lash Artist Applying Extensions

How To Ask Clients For Reviews

While reviews are incredibly useful, getting guests to write them isn’t easy. Here are

proven tactics to earn more online kudos and attract new clients faster.

Asking for reviews can feel awkward, but most clients won't leave them without being

asked! A personal interaction is one of the most effective ways to encourage clients to

leave a thoughtful review. Before a client leaves, be sure to ask them to kindly leave a

review to help spread the word about the great lash experience you provide. Review

invite cards at checkout desks are another way to consistently ask for reviews as part of

the client experience.

You can also ask for reviews virtually. Business management software like GlossGenius

enables you to automatically prompt clients to leave a review via text or email after their

service, which takes all of the manual work out of the process!

You may also want to further incentivize leaving a review with promotional offers.

Exchange a discount on their next visit for a review — clients will be excited to provide


Girl applying mascara to her eyelashes

Managing Different Types of Reviews

Successful lash studio owners implement strategies to encourage rave reviews while

gracefully managing any negative critique that emerges online in constructive ways.

Here’s how you can handle the types of reviews you’ll inevitably end up receiving.

Celebrate The Good

When glowing 5-star reviews praise your welcoming staff, inspired lash artistry, or

flawless techniques, shine a spotlight on the feedback! Repost excerpts on social media,

feature quotes on your booking site, and highlight them in email newsletters or lobby


Celebrating these great reviews encourages continued positive feedback and publicly

showcases exceptional service, attracting new clients. Make sure these kudos are heard

far and wide!

Look At Bad Reviews As An Opportunity

Despite best intentions, negative reviews will occasionally appear, ranging from mild

complaints to rude attacks. While it may be tempting to vent in response or to ignore

them, responding with a carefully crafted note intended to recover the client relationship

shows professionalism and earns public respect.

Indicate that you are listening to and ingesting the feedback, and follow up with

personalized gestures and private outreach. For instance, if someone felt rushed during

their service, extend a bonus treatment on their next visit. If a customer misinterprets a

policy and writes a complaint as a result, take steps to clarify the policy for future clients.

Take action to address negative comments swiftly, and always act with kindness. Avoid

petty debates at all costs — they can seriously harm your brand.

Final Notes

When you consistently provide a stellar experience, clients will continue to share praise

about your lash business. Be sure to harness their voices to fuel the growth of your lash


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