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How To Win A NALA Award

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The NALA Industry Awards have been so enthusiastically received by the lash community. We are thrilled and excited to be able to provide these awards every year as a way of celebrating the great leaders, mentors, and game-changers in the lash world.

Our industry is abundant with professional lash artists, product suppliers, and educators who care about the advancement of the lash trade. NALA wants to reward these companies and individuals for their many selfless deeds, which play a determining role in raising standards and enhancing our chosen field of work. We strive to shine a bright light on everyone who is making a positive impact in our community - as this helps us all to move forward more positively. I wrote this article to outline how YOU can be in the running to win a NALA Industry Award, and it all begins with the nominations. Nominations are open every year from November 1 until December 31. We will not accept late submissions, so please be sure to submit your choices early. Step 1: Go to the NALA Gala website, where you can read the definitions of each of the awards that we offer. Step 2: If you believe someone qualifies, including yourself, for any of these awards as per the definitions, then, by all means, nominate them. Step 3: All nominees will receive a notification email from NALA. They will be asked to review and accept the nomination's Terms of Agreement. Step 4: Nominees then complete online applications for each award they accepted. Some of the applications require a lot of necessary detail and information, while others require less. It really depends on the category and the award. Step 5: The NALA Awards Committee (a group of industry and non-industry volunteers) thoroughly reviews every award application we receive. All information is kept strictly confidential. The committee then creates a shortlist of the top 5 for each award. Those finalists are published on the website by March 1 each year. The NALA Industry Awards are based on merit. They are not vote based. This is not a popularity contest. It doesn't matter who has better marketing or better branding. It really comes down to the definition of the award. Whether you are a large company, a small business, or a solo artist, if you qualify for an award according to its definition, you will absolutely be considered for it. The committee will decide the winners for each award and all winners are revealed at the NALA Award Gala event. NALA's mission is to help all lash professionals achieve their highest possible level of success. The awards are used to acknowledge professionals who reach a high level of integrity in their business. NALA hopes to encourage everyone in the industry to strive for this distinction. For more information about the awards, the conference, and the gala, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. For highlights from previous years, visit our website We hope to see you in Edmonton on the first weekend in May. Come and celebrate with us and be a part of this beautiful community of professionals -learning and growing together. Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.

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