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NALA Accreditation

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The NALA Seal of Accreditation is known as the Michelin Star of the lash industry, making it the highest accolade a lash academy can earn.

NALA accreditation is a useful and valuable process used to evaluate, assess, and monitor the quality of education a student receives at a lash training facility. NALA's Accredited Academies voluntarily hold themselves to a higher standard. Our accreditation process is a form of peer evaluation benefiting lash academies, students, lash artists, and the lash industry as a whole. NALA is a non-governmental, international accreditation agency. We rely on our Board of Advisors to help establish our accreditation requirements. Our high standards, developed over seven years of global research, continue to evolve with our ever-changing industry.

NALA holds our accredited academies to an extremely high standard because we understand that quality education is the foundation of our entire industry.

NALA's accreditation process was created to serve the student more than the academies. Students are collectively investing massive amounts of money to become certified lash artists. Many of them, unfortunately, do not receive a quality education. Worse yet: many of them do not even realize this!

Our association devised a way to review academy curriculums and let students know if a course is a good investment. One that offers them everything they need to be a successful lash artist.

Students are choosing NALA accredited courses because our accreditation gives them peace of mind. They trust the academies listed on our directory - and with good reason. They know how thoroughly these academies have been vetted. When a lash artist chooses a NALA Accredited Academy, they are making the right choice for their career.

With so many people now wanting to be instructors and creating training programs, they would do well using our accreditation process. It is a valuable service devised to help ensure their success. They benefit because, just like the students, the educators know - once accredited by NALA – that their course curriculum is exemplary in all areas.

NALA Accreditation is proof an academy has created a fully comprehensive, up-to-date course that will adequately prepare its students for success. It is NOT easy to earn the NALA Seal of Accreditation. For those who have: it is an accolade of high esteem!

NALA Accredited Academies also gain continual access to:

  • On-going support.

  • Current information.

  • Valuable resources.

  • Updates for their training courses.

  • A listing on the NALA Global Directory, which we promote to the public as a trusted source to find quality training.

  • And many other perks.

​NALA has been instrumental in improving professional standards for lash artists and educators. Holding ourselves to the highest possible standards benefits everyone in the lash industry.

To learn how you can earn NALA Accreditation for your academy, visit our website at

Are you looking for a quality course? Visit the NALA Global Directory at

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.

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