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Responding To Negative Reviews

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

As Lash Artists, we strive to make everyone happy!! It's just who we are.

Professionals in a client-based career tend to be people-pleasers. This makes it especially hard when someone gives us negative feedback or writes a bad review. It's like a punch in the gut.

Why is she so mean??

What is her problem??

The truth is, it's not personal. And it's impossible to please ALL of the people ALL of the time!

When you get that kick in the stomach it is important to react professionally, not emotionally. Well obviously you will have some level of emotional reaction - what I mean is - don't do anything until you've PROCESSED THE EMOTIONS and can respond professionally.

The thing about negatives reviews is that they can actually be A GOOD THING! Yes, you heard me (or read me) right!

Every review you receive online is an opportunity for you to market yourself and your business, whether they are good reviews or not-so-good reviews. Even the nastiest comments can be used in your favour!!

When people see you respond to negativity with professionalism, compassion, and pure class - that is actually MORE EFFECTIVE marketing than a page filled with positive reviews!

The key is to follow a few simple rules about review responding.

Rule #1 - Thank them.

Always show your appreciation for their feedback. Tell them that you are grateful because you and your team want to know these things so you can make it right.

Rule #2 - Apologize.

If you messed up take ownership of your actions and say you’re sorry.

If you didn’t actually do anything wrong you may want to apologize for disappointing them or tell them you’re sorry they had a bad experience.

Rule #3 - Sympathize.

Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment and ask yourself how would you have felt if you believed you were being mistreated or ripped off (or whatever the reviewer is feeling). Show sympathy to your reviewer in your response.

Rule #4 - Say the problem back to them so they know they’ve been heard.

Does your response highlight their complaint? You’ve probably noted this in the apology sentence, such as, “I’m sorry you were disappointed with the number of lashes you received during your fill last week”.

Rule #5 - Offer a solution.

What can you do to fix the problem? You do not have to give her everything! You DO NOT have to break policy or client agreements. But what CAN you offer? Offering something shows good intentions for resolution on your part.

Rule #6 - Don’t be defensive.

You don’t want to tell them they’re wrong to feel what they’re feeling. Also, avoid over-explaining yourself in the response because that looks bad to others reading it. Simply apologize and offer a solution. Don't get too involved in it all and NEVER engage in a back and forth argument online. If she wants to CHAT about it let her know you've sent her a private message.

Rule #7 - Tell them something that reminds them (and shows others) that you’re great.

This is where you want to remind them about the quality of service you and your staff pride yourselves on. Mention your top quality products or your award-winning service. Talk briefly about what makes you awesome.

Here's an example of a response using all 7 rules:

“Dear ___________, Thank you for your feedback, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a pleasant experience with your lash service. My staff and I work really hard to ensure that all of our clients receive the best service and enjoy an individual experience. We feel just terrible that you are unhappy. I hope you’ll allow us to make it up to you. Our clients mean the world to us and we want to invite you back to try a different service. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. My apologies once again. Warm regards, Sally Smith, Studio Manager."

The key is to allow all the readers of this review to see that although one person wasn’t happy you handled it like a pro. I’ve been quoted several times as saying:

“Everyone makes mistakes, what shows your true character is how you deal with them.”

Show your integrity when it matters most and you'll feel better for resolving the situation quickly and without adding unnecessary drama.

Levi Shephard.

NALA President.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace formal business advice, financial advice, government regulations, or any other form of legal advice.

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