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Are DIY Lashes Taking Over?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Are consumer lash products threatening the art of professional eyelash extension services?

With strip lash and cluster lash distributors marketing their home-application products as the easier and cheaper alternative, I want to highlight the benefits and downfalls of each option (from my personal point of view as the president of the lash association) . . .

The benefits of home-application products:

  • Cheaper

  • Quicker (once you've mastered the techniques)

  • Easy to find and purchase

  • Can be used for a special occassion without commitment

The downfalls of home-application products:

  • Takes practice to master application

  • Wearing makeup can compromise the adhesive bond causing unexpected lifting

  • Constantly checking on your strip lash to make sure it hasn't shifted or come loose

  • Must be removed at the end of each day

  • Consistent use of the consumer-grade adhesive can clog your folicles causing potential lash loss

  • They look plastic and fake

The benefits of professional application:

  • They don't need to be remove and reapplied each day - enjoy the finished look 24/7

  • No embarassing lifting in the middle of a dinner date (we've all seen that happen)

  • You can shower, swim, workout and sleep with them on

  • The service is relaxing and enjoyable

  • A lash artist knows how to create the perfect design to compliment your face and eye shape

  • They look far better than home-application products

The downfalls of professional application:

  • Maintenance appointments are time consuming (although some clients appreciate the time they get for a lash nap)

  • It can be hard to find a quality lash artist you trust (find qualified, accredited lash artists who have been approved by the lash association on the NALA directory )

  • Some will say the price is a downfall - but when you compare the cost of strip lashes and calculate how many days that strip lash is good for, on a day-to-day basis there isn't that big of a differnce in cost between home-application products and professional application.

OK, clearly I struggle to find downfalls for professional application but what can I say; that's why I work here. I personally hope I never have to go without my lash extensions. I believe in this industry and I value our services. Lash artistry is a gift to the world!

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