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Pre and Post Cleanse - By Liz Bussey

Unlocking the Secret to Exceptional Lash Retention and Minimizing Sensitivities: The Power of Preparing and Cleansing The Lashes

In the realm of lashing, there exists a coveted goal, an achievement marking the pinnacle of success for lash artists: retention. It's the ultimate signifier of mastery, a testament to our skills and dedication. But how do we attain it? How do we ensure a flawless outcome for our clients? The starting point of my troubleshooting journey always begins with a fundamental question: How do you prepare your client's lash line for application?

We understand the significance of a solid base-to-base attachment and the importance of using just the right amount of high-quality lash adhesive. However, no matter how meticulously we follow these steps, lash extensions will never reach their full potential if applied to an unclean surface. No amount of effort can compensate for natural lashes coated in oiliness, makeup residue, or dirt. They simply won't last.

The key is to begin with a pristine canvas—a meticulously cleaned surface offers the best chance for success. But here's where it gets intriguing, and somewhat controversial for those unfamiliar with the science of cyanoacrylate: the Post Cleanse. This, my friends, is my not-so-secret weapon, a technique I share at every opportunity.

Implementing the Post Cleanse revolutionized my lash game. Retention soared, and my clients responded with unanimous enthusiasm.. "We love it!"

Picture this: your clients open their eyes after the application, experiencing no irritation, no itchiness, and no need to rub their lash line or eyeballs from irritation. Their eyes feel soothed and refreshed.

Why? Because the Post Cleanse eradicates any lingering vapors from the skin that might have settled on the eye area during the application process. By removing these remnants, it significantly reduces the risk of client discomfort. The result? Your clients' eyes feel refreshed, revitalized, and incredibly clean. They won't feel the urge to rub or scrub, ensuring a seamless and soothing experience.

But the benefits don't stop there. By performing a Post Cleanse, you are ensuring that the adhesive is cured, and will not be letting off any additional vapors which is what causes irritation due to sensitivities. Since I started implementing the Post Cleanse, i have not had any clients with an allergic reaction, and I am currently seeing 2 clients regularly who were showing signs of irritation, and those signs are now completely gone. The only change is the Post Cleanse!

And finally, by conducting the Post Cleanse, you're sending a powerful message to your clients: cleansing is paramount. It's so crucial that you, as the expert, take charge and do it for them before they leave your studio. It's not just about impeccable lashes; it's about demonstrating your commitment to their well-being and the longevity of their lash extensions. Clean lashes aren't just a luxury; they're a necessity, and the Post Cleanse is the game-changing secret that ensures your clients not only leave with stunning lashes but also with a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Testing new theories is how innovation in industry happens. Someone has a great hypothesis and then as it trickles down through industry leaders, that idea gets tested.. And new theories and procedures are adopted. This is what pushes industries further, and creates change for the better. You can be a part of history! I am proud to have seen some great innovations happen since the beginning of my lash journey in 2012. The innovation of volume lashing, the banning of .25 diameter extensions, implementing the cleansing of lash extensions, finally understanding our adhesives! So many great things have happened to make our jobs better, more efficient and safer for our clients.

Now for the juicy details;

To perform a post cleanse, you apply your last lash extension. Nano mist for 30-45 seconds from at least 18inches above the clients face, going back and forth quickly so that no water droplets land on the lash line. Picture yourself waving the mister back and forth trying to write your name with a sparkler as a kid. The mist should be gently cascading down and lightly misting the lash line. You only want to introduce moisture slowly at this point. Too much will cause blooming. Too little and it won’t be effective.

When you are done nano misting, you need about 2 minutes before starting your post cleanse. Use this time to do a final stickie check and clean off your palette. After 2 minutes, you use a tiny amount of cleanser. Just enough to get the lids a little wet. You will use a brush and go over the entire eye lid, up to the brow and down the under eye area where the eyepad sat. Then you will just brush over the lashes quickly to include them but they’re already clean from your initial prep cleanse. This is just to remove any vapors on the skin that were let off during the application. Once you are finished with this very quick little cleanse.. Rinse the ensure eye area and lashes well with your squirt bottle and to finish, fan to fluff those muthafluffers back up!

So, what do you have to lose.. Will you give it a try?

Visit for a full video of the post cleanse and instructions.

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