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How To Win a NALA Award

Nov 10, 2019

The NALA Industry Awards have been so enthusiastically received by the lash community. We are thrilled and excited to be able to provide these awards every year as a way of celebrating the great leaders, mentors, and game-changers in the lash world.  

Our industry is abundant with professional lash artists, product suppliers, and educators who care about the advancement of the lash trade. NALA wants to reward these companies and individuals for their many selfless deeds, which play a determining role in raising standards and enhancing our chosen field of work. We strive to shine a bright light on everyone who is making a positive impact in our community - as this helps us all to move forward more positively. 

I wrote this article to outline how YOU can be in the running to win a NALA Industry Award, and it all begins with the nominations. 

Nominations are open every year from November 1 until December 31. We will not accept late submissions, so please be sure...
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